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What Does Right Of Place Do?

Mission Statement

Supporting Survivors of Institutional Child Abuse and their Families

" Right of Place second chance is a vision and values driven organization which offers a professional service to its members. We support their entitlements and Rights by empowering them through the promotion of trust, respect and self confidence. We provide practical help and offer a forum for communication, information, validation, peer support and encouragement to all survivors who suffered as children in State run institutions."


What is Right of Place Second Chance's Vision?

  • Right of Place is based upon a vision which says that the situation of Survivors and their families of start run institutions should be recognized and acknowledged by state and citizens through meaningful engagement with survivor's.
  • Right of Place is committed to providing co-ordinated services which meet international best standards of excellence, and are built on evidence-based practice.
  • Right of Place seeks to be an authoritative, experienced voice in influencing the drafting of public policy and strategy and in informing public opinion. Drawing on our members’ experiences.
  • Right of Place communications will reflect the real position and real needs of those still struggling in their everyday lives as a result of their child hood trauma.
  • Right of Place want an end to Social Isolation, Poverty and Homelessness for Survivors.
  • Right of Place presents itself as a professional resource for consultation and training with agencies in the statutory and voluntary sector.
  • Through our work we aim to highlight the continued need for supporting all survivors of state run Institutions and their extended families. It remains a core principle of Right of Place to change the attitude of Government and all statutory agencies who interact with this special group of Citizens.


  • One to one meetings
  • Membership and group approach
  • Information on survivor support
  • Information on general education, welfare and
    work opportunities
  • Network & peer support

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Who Can Use The Service?

Right of Place is set up to help Survivors members, and their Families.

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Where Are Right Of Place Offices?

We have offices in the following regions: Cork / Kerry, Waterford / Eastern Area, Limerick, Galway / Western Area.

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