Cork - Commitment to always improving

So first of all, to those who have accessed the services over the last number of weeks in paritcular you will have noticed the new Intercom system installed at the front of the building.

Our old intercom system was outdated, often didnt work for some residents and you couldnt buzz straight to one of the offices you had to go through reception.

However, now with the new intercom system you can buzz straight to the staff member you are looking to see - which increases survivors privacy.

Also the residents in the apartments, now have a video feed of whos trying to gain access and it works - which increases the safety for all those present.

So in order for us to evaluate if the installation was a success, we decided to carry out a survey (which can be viewed below) and the following were the responses;

1. In general how did you rate the previous intercom system?

66% Very Poor         34% Poor        0% Good        0% Very Good

2. How did you rate you privacy with the old intercom system?

100% Poor        0% Good        0% Very Good      0% N/A

3.Has the new intercom system been a benefit to you?

100% Yes      0% No

4. Has your Privacy improved?

100% Yes      0% No

5. How would you rate your privacy now, with the new intercom system?

84% Outstanding     16% Good        0% Adequate      0% Poor        0% Very Poor        0% N/A

#ThrowbackThursday - Meet one of our Volunteers

In what is a throwback to this news article in March 2014, after 4 years we are delighted to say Margaret is still here, still with us and still loving what she does to help fellow Survivors.

Margaret again being the person she is rarely, if ever wants credit but four years on - a BIG THANK YOU! Keep up the great work.

Heres Margarets original News article from 2014;

 Margaret Coyne



Name: Margaret Coyne

DOB: 23/07/1956

Survivor: Yes

Margaret Coyne, is the newest Volunteer to offer her services to Right of Place Second Chance, so you may begin to hear a lot more from her when you call our centre.

Margaret has quickly established herself as an integral part of the team, often working a full time week whilst receiving no pay or expenses at all. So considering she is doing this, we decided to ask her....what motivates her, why offer her services to us and what is it that draws her to Right of Place Second Chance.


Hi Margaret, Lets begin by asking you, how did you hear about Right of Place Second Chance

"Well I originally heard about Right of Place Second Chance from a friend about a year ago. At the time I was living in the UK and was contemplating, should I move back to Ireland or not. A friend of mine who had received great help from ROPSC said to give you a call, that you could help me."

Sorry to put you on the spot, but did you get help?

Margaret Coyne 2

I most certainly did. My first point of contact was to call the ROPSC offices to see what they could do. Luckily for me, Im a Waterford Woman so there was a Waterford Office. I got through to you and you guided me through all the process. I felt safe, immediately after getting off the phone because  I knew that whatever decision   I made, there was no pressure on me, there was no commitment, but that I would have the support whatever decision I made."


This may seem silly, because you are here now....but what did you decide?

"I decided I was going to make the journey and move to Ireland. I felt happy knowing that everything had been set up for me to make the move back to Waterford and back home. After so many years away, it was nice to know that when I got home......that for the first time I would actually have support in Ireland, so I made the leap to move from London."

Office Closures Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd of March 2018 (2)


In response to the Red weather warning in Place, ALL Right of Place Second Chance offices will be closed today Thursday 1st of March and Friday 2nd of March.


We will reopen on Monday 5th of March at the usual time.

All appointments have been cancelled and you will be called on Monday to rearrange.


This decision has been taken in the interest of the safety of our staff, volunteers and our service users.


Stay warm and stay safe.


Any urgent enquiries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will respond as soon as possible.


Many Thanks


A chance to have your voice Head - Education classes in Cork

As with everything we do in Right of Place Second Chance, it is done after careful consideration of the needs of the people who access our services. As many of you will know, Right of Place Second Chance has a long tradition of promoting education and training as a means of improvement in survivors and their families lives.

To this end, for over 10 years we have had an individual, from the Cork ETB, work specifically with us to support survivors and their families access education & training programmes.

Indeed, even to this day, we have recently run and had attended by survivors, jewellery, wood work and an ongoing Art class, which have always been successful but now we need your ideas on what it is that you would like to see.

Resulting, please click below to see a Survey that we would like you to fill out if you live in the Cork region specifically.

We would like to find out what you know about our education facilities and more importantly find out the type of classes that you would like to see being run.

So if you have 10 minutes, please print off this survey, complete with honesty and once we have received roughly 30-50 individual survivors views back, we will detail a report and offer any services that we can in relation to education that you have detailed would be important for you and your families.

It is an exciting time to have your voice and your say on our education and training opportunities, so dont let it pass you by.

For anybody who cannot print the information or needs assistance, please call the office where one can be filled out with you or any further information can be given.

Many thanks

Right of Place Second Chance Team

The Survey can be downloaded by clicking here.


Please return completed application forms to;

Micheál Walsh,

Director of Services


Lower Glanmire Road,

Cork City


Survivor Christmas 2017



Christmas - Its the most wonderful time of the yeeeeaaaarrrrr :)

So our week has began fairly hectic. We had our launch of our After the Spotlight document focusing on the long term need of Survivors, (which again, considering its historic importance in creating a road map for survivors long teem needs, i would encourage all to read by clicking here) which followed with three exceptionally busy days right across the Regions as people called to offer us praise to offer us thanks and to congratulate us on looking at the long term needs of Survivors.

This was then followed up with an amazing outpouring of festive joy and boxes of biscuits, and Christmas cards from clients were received from right across Ireland. We particularly liked the one, that specifically had Christmas greetings from Dungarvan. Nice touch.

Received Cards Selection

 Selection of Christmas Cards received from survivors


All the staff and volunteers will be as big as houses by the time we get through all the biscuits that were given

Example of present giving

Example of presents given by survivors

So, as has now become a yearly tradition, on we went to create our Annual Christmas dinner for our clients. Every year, without fail, we are heartended by the amount of individuals who donate items, who give of their time freely to run and manage the event and the positive difference it makes for those who are able to turn up.

Once again, this year the donations of presents for everybody that turned up was exceptional (and we will give them aspecial thanks at the bottom)

Presents being wrapped

Some presents being wrapped

As well as these presents that are given out on Christmas, we try never to forget those we have assisted during the year and to make sure they know that we are thinking of them especially if they cannot make the event or live in rural areas. These are so small, yet they mean so much to our clients and those who rang to think us, no need. It was only something small.

Our Cards sent

Christmas cards, from us to some survivors who have called us looking for assistance in 2017 being compiled

Sooooooo, onto the actual ev

After the Spotlight - Submission to Government

Booklet  Please click here of a copy of the full report (opens in a new window)

Monday the 11th of December, in Buswells Hotel in Dublin City Right of Place Second Chance launched our document entitled;

After the Spotlight

Submission to Government on the Long term support of Surviors of institutional Child Abuse and their families.

Presentation Micheál Walsh, Director of Services, presenting the After the Spotlight document.

In what was an historic day for survivors and their families, the real long term need of survivors and their families as articulated by survivors themselves was launched to a small gathering in Dublin City.

The submission focusses on the research led needs as described to us by 106 individual survivors in research, 29 individual survivors in focus Groups, 1,150 survivors who contacted ROP/SC for support and assistance and the views of over 800 UK based survivors into their long term needs.

The Key areas that ROP/SC is calling on the Government to implement to ensure survivors can face a future with cetainty and acknowledgement are;

1) HEALTH: Survivors to be given an ehanced medical card.

Enhanced medical care for survivors by the granting of the HAA Medical card would recognise the ongoing medical challenges facing survivors today.

2) PENSION: Survivors are given an automatic entitlement to the State (Contributory) Pension

Offering survivors automatic entitlement to the State Pension (Contributory) upon reaching pensionable age would provide a demonstration of the Government’s recognition of survivors’ contribution to the Irish economy and work performed in institutions.

3) HOUSING: Survivors are given a priority in relation to social housing

Giving priority to survivors regarding the allocation of social housing and resettlement supports would recognise the adverse effects of their institutionalisation and abuse as children, which has, in many cases, led to emigration, low levels of home ownership, or

4) CHILDREN OF SURVIVORS: That survivors children and grandchildren are offered supports.

Providing access to funding for education, training and associated supports would enable the families of survivors, to break the cycle of poverty, which was, in part, caused by the institutionalisation and physical and emotional abuse experienced by survivors (their

5) FUTURE: That the needs of Survivors are reviewed yearly to see if there has been any improvement in Survivors lives.

Providing access to funding for education, training and associated supports would enable the families of survivors, to break the cycle of poverty, which was, in part, caused by the institutionalisation and physical and emotional abuse experienced by survivors (their

People Senator Marie Devine (SF), Francis Treanor BL (ROP/SC Board) & Phylliss Morgan (Co-founder of the IWSSN)

Through our anecdotal evidence of speaking to survivors over the last two years of developing this document, whilst it dosent represent every survivors views, it is indicitive of the needs and wants of the majority of survivors.

Ultimately the launch of this document is the beginning of the submission. It is an opportunity for all of us to focus on the long term needs of survivors and it is an opportunity for the state to acknowledge the wrongs committed on survivors and their families and commit to supporting survivors health, housing and pension needs.

We would recommend all survivors to read the document, which can be downloaded below and support us in the campaign to achieve the aims.

The full document can be downloaded by clicking here (opens in a new window)

Discussion Some who attended having the opportunity to discuss the document.

Noel C Barry RIP


It is with sadness that Right of Place Second Chance learned of the passing of Noel C Barry on Saturday the 21st of October. 

History will be kind to Noel, for all that he achieved for Survivors as a collective and for the many individual survivors who still speak highly of him to this day.

He was the founding member and driver of Right of Place in its early years, the organisation that pre dated Right of Place Second Chance. Sure, towards the end the direction of Noel Barry and the organisation did not align and change was inevitable, but that shouldn’t detract from the many achievements in the organisations early years, which were led by Noel.

Noel, along with others, helped to drive the issue into the public domain until an apology from the state was achieved. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Residential Institutions Redress Board and was front and center in the initiation of the one of the biggest state inquiries in the history of Ireland that made global headlines for showing the true barbaric, ritual and systematic abuse perpetrated on thousands of children in Ireland (Ryan Report). He secured funding to try and provide a service in the interests of Survivors, he secured 10 apartments, which are still in operation to this day, to help Survivors who are homeless or looking to repatriate back to Ireland from the UK and further afield.

He fought a fight for survivors. His fight wasn’t with other Survivors or other organisations, but with the state and the religious, the perpetrators of that horrific abuse.

To his family our deepest condolences.

Funeral Arrangements

Reposing at O'Connor Bros. Funeral Home, North Gate Bridge on Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm followed by removal to The Cathedral.

Requiem Mass on Thursday at 11am followed by Private Cremation.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

Free Art Classes in Cork for Survivors

Why not come join our already wonderful art classes that have been running for some time now.

In these classes you have a dedicated art tutor who has worked with survivors for some time, it's completely FREE (both the class and the materials) is a warm welcoming environment and is a chance to meet other survivors.

There is no pressure on what you create, just that you create something and it's a wonderful experience. Please give one of the numbers on the below poster a call and find out more information.

Believe us, you will be glad that you did.......

Free Art Class

Staff Vacancy at Right of Place Second Chance

Right of Place Second Chance is recruiting for the position of Regional Outreach Officer (Part-Time) in our Limerick Centre

Right of Place Second Chance is the country’s largest charitable organisation that supports Survivors of Institutional Child Abuse and their families in Ireland. We exist to improve the lives of survivors who are still suffering as adults as a result of the abuses they suffered as children in one of Ireland’s industrial, reformatory and residential institutions. We do this, by providing advocacy, outreach and information to Survivors to improve the quality of their life and help them to navigate mainstream services. We also offer specialist services to survivors as and when needs are identified.

We have offices in Waterford, Limerick & Cork where we also operate 10 transitional apartments.

Right of Place Second Chance now invites applications for the post of Regional Outreach Officer (Part-Time) in Limerick. The post is a fixed term contract of 6 months.

Regional Outreach Officer

Reporting to the Director of Services, the role of the Outreach Officer is to visit survivors in their homes, hold appointments in our offices and develop individualised care plans for each client and to secure the most beneficial outcome for survivor’s lives, in line with agreed policies and procedures.

The ideal candidate will have;

·         A relevant 3rd level qualification

·         Experience at delivering a face to face service to a similar group

·         Experience of working with a high volume of clients

·         Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to remain composed even in challenging circumstances

·         Ability and evidence of being able to work in a challenging environment

·         Must demonstrate an ability to work on your own initiative

·         The successful candidate must have a proven track record in the development of services, their positive execution and a positive attitude.

·         Experience of working with survivors of abuse or groups that have experienced trauma will be a distinct advantage

·         A history of service development and delivery.

·         Must be proficient in Microsoft Word & Excel.

As travelling is a large part of the job role, applicants must have a valid driving license and access to his/her own car that can be used for the purposes of their work.

Your Application

Further details can be found in the booklet attached. The deadline for all applications is 16.30pm on Wednesday 11th of October 2017.

Applications with cover letter and CV should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Applications will not be accepted after the closing date.

Right of Place Second Chance encourages all individuals to apply and we are an equal opportunities employer.

Further information and Booklet

Please click here to access further information of the job specifics and further details.

Financial Statements 2016


We are pleased as an organisation to attach, below, a copy of our Audited Financial Statements for the year 2016.

These were just recently approved by the Board and we are now adding them so that the public can view them should they wish.

It is important at this juncture to once again thank our main funding partners, the HSE, who continue to support our invaluable work and who, not only fund the organisation to carry out our highly successful Outreach, Referral and Advocacy programme but who continue to offer ongoing support, encouragement and advise.

It is also critical to note the role of all our staff and volunteers who give their full commitment to every client that contacts us and enrich the lives of those who seek our support.

The Financial Statements can be read by clicking here. (Opens in .PDF File in a new window)

Right of Place Second Chance

Caranua & ROP/SC Meeting minutes - 13/06/2017

*Please note the minutes are comprehensive as we wanted to give a fair and true reflection of our meeting* 

As everybody is aware our organisation is committed to transparency and accountability and last week we met with Caranua in their offices. We have received a couple of enquiries regarding this meeting and agreed these notes would be added to our Social Media channels to ensure everybody had a visual on our ongoing discussions.

The main purpose of this meeting is outlined below, but we have it broken into two main areas, namely 1) Issues/Difficulties Survivors have raised with us that we would like to see addressed. 2) What are updates that Survivors should be aware of.

The detailed notes/minutes of our discussion can be viewed below;

Date: 13/06/2017

Attendees: ROP/SC:    Micheál Walsh (Director of Services)
                                      Michael Walsh (Chair) 

                    Caranua:   Mary Higgins (CEO)
                                      Sinead Fennell (Head of Communication & Engagement)
                                      Rachel Downes (Director of Services)

Where: Caranua Offices, Dublin City

Caranua invited Right of Place Second Chance to meet in the context of discussing their Terms of Reference of their review of 2016 Services and as part of consultation with other survivor groups and Survivor Service Providers. Additionally, Caranua wanted to get feedback from us in relation to ongoing services based on our experiences with those who contact us looking for help.

General Overview

Generally, the meeting was a positive one. Whilst we discussed Caranua services and areas we would like to see improvements in, the difficulties Survivors are faced with that we brought up were understood, respected and noted.

Difficulties raised by ROP/SC

We raised the following issues that Survivors have experienced that we would like to see reviewed;

1. The introduction of a cap on services

We noted that whilst most Survivors are happy who are now making a first application, those who were told the services would be "no limit on the services you can apply for" remain unhappy. Resulting, it was appropriate that this personal Limit (Cap) be reviewed having regard for the information people got at the beginning.

2.  Survivors who wanted white goods, funeral expenses at the beginning are now not eligible

We made a case that this was unfair on Survivors who applied at the beginning of the process as they were simply never given the option to get support in this, because it wasn't available to them (or approved by the Minister). We argued that this was not Survivors fault and that as a minimum any Survivor who had reached their limit/had their application completed should now be allowed to reapply, particularly for the new items.

3.   The letter sent out to Survivors upon "completion" of application was unacceptable

We said that the letters sent to Survivors about how happy they were to have offered them assistance was uncaring and came across as "shutting a Survivor off", making them feel there was no more support for them. We also advised that it is at this point they should be told about other specialist Services so that Survivors know there was still support there for them even if they have reached their limit with Caranua. There was an understanding to review this and potentially give a leaflet to each Survivor on their case being completed and to review the completion letter with a view to re-wording it.

4.   The inability and delay getting through to them on the phone was still ongoing

We advised there was still an unacceptable delay in getting through to them on the phone and sometimes calls were not returned. We advised that whilst this had improved it was still an ongoing issue and they advised with the move to the new Premises and a new phone system this should help to address those issues.

Caranua Review - What are we doing to get it done?

An inexcusable delay

Today, the 9th of June 2017, in what is our third communication with the Minister of Education and Skills, since May, Right of Place Second Chance have again requested clarification on the proposed Terms of Reference for the review of Caranua.

There has already been an inexcusable delay in this review of nearly two years and once again a delay of at least THREE months since the closing date of applications and expressions to the review were sought and provided.

Watching and reading the cross party calls on the Minister in Dail Eireann to publish the Terms of Reference of the review of Caranua, coupled with our ongoing clarification and appeals to the Minister to urgently publish the Terms;  its not hard to understand and see why Survivors are angry, upset, dismayed and feeling ignored.

There has been a large number of Survivors who have said to me - what are you doing about Caranua and its a fair and valid question. People lean on us to support them as individuals by supporting their individual needs and if an organisation is having a big impact upon their life (both positive and negative) it is our duty to ensure they are held to the highest standards.

Thats why im writing this piece. To let you know that Right of Place Second Chance are working for those who contact us looking for support and help. We are constantly in contact to try and review Caranua Services and to ensure this is done in a transparent, efficient and comprehensive manner.

Thursday 8th of June - Our Phone systems are back WORKING


Our Phone systems are back up and running as efficiently as they always have been since 11.00am Thursday the 8th of June.

To all those who emailed and phoned the direct numbers, we apologise about the difficulties and most importantly appreciate the understanding. As you can see, there was an incident on the Street that knocked out both power and phone systems to a lot of buildings but this has been resolved extremely efficiently.

INcident on Parnell Street

Wedensday 7th June - Our Phone Systems are down

We apologise to all who are trying to contact us but our phone systems are currently down. We cannot receive incoming calls or receive messages on our telephone helpline.

We are working with our phone provider to resolve the issue with immediacy. If you have any urgent enquiries, we can still be contacting through direct calls to;

Limerick Region

Sinead Carroll - 085 876 8514

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cork Region

Regina McCormack - 085 876 8927

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Waterford Region

Micheál Walsh - 085 8669281

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or one of the regional staff members listed above.

Many thanks for your understanding and we apologise for the inconvenience.

Minister Bruton announces new Board members of Caranua

Tonight Minuster Bruton has announced the New Board members of Caranua.

We welcome the Ministers announcement and wish the best of luck to all Board members. Considering this Board will be in situ for the Ministers review of Caranua and the potential winding up once the funds have been expended there is a clear opportunity and, more importantly, need for the Board to be representative of Survivors experiences coupled with a lot of work in anticipation of its closing date - ensuring Survivors views are at the core of potential discussions.

We are especillay supportive of the new Board member Mr. Francis Treanor BL who is also a board member of Right of Place Second Chance and will carry with him many years of work for and with Survivors alongside the general experiences of Survivors of Caranua and will no doubt add to the governance and services currently being offered by Caranua.

Having an input from Ireland's largest organsiation that supports Survivors of Institutional Abuse is critical in ensuring Caranua is offering the services most needed by Survivors.

The ministers official press release;

The Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton, T.D., today announced appointments to the Board of Caranua (the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund) for 2017 – 2021
Caranua is a Statutory Body with the structure and functions set out in the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act 2012, with a 9 member Board which must include 4 former residents.

The Board of Caranua oversees the use of the cash contributions of up to €110 million pledged by the religious congregations to support the needs of some 15,000 survivors of residential institutional child abuse. These survivors have received awards from the Residential Institutions Redress Board or equivalent court awards.

The support to be provided will include a range of approved services, including health and personal social services, education and housing services. To date €97.3m in cash contributions and associated interest have been received and the balance of the €110m is expected to be received by end 2018.

The Board members are appointed for a four year term of office, commencing on 24 May, 2017. The positions are not remunerated.

The Board of Caranua will be composed of the following members:

Mr David O’Callaghan - Chairperson

Ordinary Members (former residents of institutions)
Mrs Frances Harrington
Mr Thomas Cronin
Mr Francis W. Treanor BL
Dr Mary T. Lodato

Other Ordinary Members
Mr Damian Casey
Mr Thomas Daly
Ms Patricia Carey
Ms Katherine Finn

Mr David O’Callaghan, Mrs Frances Harrington, Ms Katherine Finn, Mr Damian Casey and Mr Thomas Daly have been re-appointed to the Board, all having served one term, or part thereof, on the previous Board.

The Minister welcomed the appointments and wished all members well in the in their important and challenging role.