New RISF Website and Q&A with CEO Mary Higgins


The RISF have created a new service name for the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund – "Caranua" which will apply from 7thOctober 2013. Caranua is Irish for “new friend”.

Additionally to this the website details for Caranua can be accessed at:


We have also recently been informed of a meeting that was held by Mary Higgins as part of her commitment to meeting with Survivors to discuss their issues and ensure the Fund is used for the benefit of Survivors and their needs.

Here is a list of the questions she was asked along with some answers;


Question Page 1Question Page 2Question Page 3Question Page 4


+1 # Guest 2014-01-25 17:53
I see nothing has changed then, why are employees of the risf and service providers still trying to feed off our misfortune.Surv ivors dont need leeches to visit them to see if they are entitled to access the funds which belongs to them and nobody else
-1 # Guest 2014-01-27 10:02

To be fair that is a very interesting point and one that you would rightly question. Our purpose (as I cannot speak for the RISF / "Caranua") is that we offer a service of support, information and advice to Survivors of Institutional Abuse and their families.

What we try to do is to help each Survivor that comes into contact with us, many of whom are extremely vulnerable, socially isolated, cannot read or write, unable to speak on their own behalf.

So our goal is to meet with those individuals, look at their immediate need to see can it be addressed and then through support offer them opportunities and chances to ensure they are accessing all their entitlements as citizens. In order for us to do this, we offer Outreach Officer so that even the most vulnerable, those most cut off from society have an opportunity to speak with somebody who understands them and their history.

It clearly works, as the numbers looking for assistance continue to rise and the feedback / testimonies are extremely positive.

That being said, as you will see from our most recent development (survey / organisational review) we are constantly looking at ways to improve and evolve the service, with Survivors needs at the centre of everything we do.

What is wonderful about what we do, is that some Survivors will never need our assistance, and many more after being in contact with us will not in the future - and that is fine. We are only interested in assisting those who need it

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