Survivors want to know the facts - not fiction!

What has changed in Right of Place?

  1. The old Board of Directors have stepped down!
  2. The previous Project Leader has retired!

Now, a new Board of directors have been elected to bring the organisation forward. Our duty is to our membership in the here and now, - and into the future. Our mandate is to build for our members’ - a sustainable priority of services in Health, social welfare and social supports. This is what the Examiner newspaper should be writing about and supporting. We seek justice for our members that will result in a better personal life, fi nancially, and socially. Let’s build on all the positives Right of Place has achieved down through the years.

What are these you may ask? Taoiseach’s apology, redress, Ryan inquiry, housing, education and Training. The list is almost endless! We ask survivors to support the good work that is being done for survivors.

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