New and old members

Over the past year, old and indeed new member’s details have not been put up on our database. It is important that this be corrected. If you get this News Sheet then you are ok, however, if you know of somebody who did not and would like to, then it is important that they phone Right of Place/Second Chance Free Phone 1800200709 and ask to be put on our data base.

There will be offi ces opening in all the major centres of Cork, Waterford, Limerick and Galway. Details of this development will be in our January News Sheet. We feel that having an offi ce will be important for our members and indeed all survivors who wish to avail of information on what’s happening in their area.

in a better personal life, fi nancially, and socially. Let’s build on all the positives Right of Place has achieved down through the years. What are these you may ask? Taoiseach’s apology, redress, Ryan inquiry, housing, education and Training. The list is almost endless! We ask survivors to support the good work that is being done for survivors.

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