Survivor Christmas 2017



Christmas - Its the most wonderful time of the yeeeeaaaarrrrr :)

So our week has began fairly hectic. We had our launch of our After the Spotlight document focusing on the long term need of Survivors, (which again, considering its historic importance in creating a road map for survivors long teem needs, i would encourage all to read by clicking here) which followed with three exceptionally busy days right across the Regions as people called to offer us praise to offer us thanks and to congratulate us on looking at the long term needs of Survivors.

This was then followed up with an amazing outpouring of festive joy and boxes of biscuits, and Christmas cards from clients were received from right across Ireland. We particularly liked the one, that specifically had Christmas greetings from Dungarvan. Nice touch.

Received Cards Selection

 Selection of Christmas Cards received from survivors


All the staff and volunteers will be as big as houses by the time we get through all the biscuits that were given

Example of present giving

Example of presents given by survivors

So, as has now become a yearly tradition, on we went to create our Annual Christmas dinner for our clients. Every year, without fail, we are heartended by the amount of individuals who donate items, who give of their time freely to run and manage the event and the positive difference it makes for those who are able to turn up.

Once again, this year the donations of presents for everybody that turned up was exceptional (and we will give them aspecial thanks at the bottom)

Presents being wrapped

Some presents being wrapped

As well as these presents that are given out on Christmas, we try never to forget those we have assisted during the year and to make sure they know that we are thinking of them especially if they cannot make the event or live in rural areas. These are so small, yet they mean so much to our clients and those who rang to think us, no need. It was only something small.

Our Cards sent

Christmas cards, from us to some survivors who have called us looking for assistance in 2017 being compiled

Sooooooo, onto the actual ev

ent itself (now your beginning to get a picture of how busy a week it has been) and what a wonderful day it was. It was unfortunate that we had a number of survivors who were sick and could not actually make the meal, but none the less our Outreach Officer, Micheál went around and delievered 12 more dinners along with a present to those unable to attend.

The first part of the day meant a wonderful VIP Tour of the award winning Medieval museum. survivors got a chance to ask questions, use old historical piece of clothing and weaponry and best of all had, what is the worlds only, Virtual Reality (VR) experience of what life was like to be a Viking. It is fair to say, they were left speechless.

Special thanks to David for arranging this.




Next up was the dinner itself And WOW. Every year CFM Catering outdo themselves, A full Turkey & Ham dinner with all the trimmings, with a special desert for afterwards.

It was safe to say that we are all now full, until Christmas day.




Dinner 2


All in all a wonderful event and day and really build up to Christmas. Sure it has been hectic, sure it has been some long days and sure the volunteers have really outdone themselves.

A week full of positivity, in a welcoming environemnt that has benefited so many Survivors and their family members.

Sure isnt that whats its all about.

We have one last thing to do, which is our Annual Christmas Eve phone calls to survivors who we know might be alone this year and it is something done completely voluntarily. So, we currently have 39 individuals who have requested it. If you know anybody who would be interested or may be alone, give us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1890 200 709 before the 22nd of December.



A special note of thanks to the following individuals and companies who donated, presents and time and energy. We are always grateful;

Cartamundi (formally Hasbro) - who donated 20 boardgames that have gone to survivors who have grandchildren

Butler Family - Who donated Dunness Stores vouchers

Powers Chemist - Beauty and Body Set

Marina Hotel - Meal Voucher

Shaws - Vase, voucher and porcelaine ornament

Dooleys Hotel - Meal Voucher

Penrose Crystal - Piece of wonderful handcrafted Crystal

Pirates adventure Centre - Vouchers for family passes to access all their activities.


Sure with generosity like that, how could you ever go wrong.


A Wonderful Christmas to all our clients, their families and our supporters. Enjoy the festive period.