Division makes us weaker

We have touched on this subject before and we make no apologies for bringing it up again. Many survivors have taken the time to ask, "why so many organisations"? Some say that this is a good thing because there is variety! Right of Place/Second Chance understands this argument and believes that choice is a good thing for survivors.

Unfortunately, some of these new groups offer survivors exaggeration and bluster. This causes some difficulties for survivors whose expectation of instant justice is unrealisable. It also causes some difficulty for other organisations who are working away in the background for survivors to ensure that support services are put in place to look after survivors needs for the rest of their lives, for example in health, welfare, and in our social lives. The good news is that we will succeed, because reason and common decency wins out in the end.

We wish some survivors and the Examiner newspaper realise that pursuing Agendas that cause survivors pain and hardship should cease NOW!

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