Cork - Commitment to always improving

So first of all, to those who have accessed the services over the last number of weeks in paritcular you will have noticed the new Intercom system installed at the front of the building.

Our old intercom system was outdated, often didnt work for some residents and you couldnt buzz straight to one of the offices you had to go through reception.

However, now with the new intercom system you can buzz straight to the staff member you are looking to see - which increases survivors privacy.

Also the residents in the apartments, now have a video feed of whos trying to gain access and it works - which increases the safety for all those present.

So in order for us to evaluate if the installation was a success, we decided to carry out a survey (which can be viewed below) and the following were the responses;

1. In general how did you rate the previous intercom system?

66% Very Poor         34% Poor        0% Good        0% Very Good

2. How did you rate you privacy with the old intercom system?

100% Poor        0% Good        0% Very Good      0% N/A

3.Has the new intercom system been a benefit to you?

100% Yes      0% No

4. Has your Privacy improved?

100% Yes      0% No

5. How would you rate your privacy now, with the new intercom system?

84% Outstanding     16% Good        0% Adequate      0% Poor        0% Very Poor        0% N/A

6. Do you feel safer because of the new system?

100% Yes       0% No

7. Has it facilitated easier access to your family and friends to visit?

100% Yes       0% No

We now have a situation where the apartments in Cork have been painted, some furniture has been upgraded to make it more user friendly, the Intercom system has been updated making it more safe and private. We still have more to do to continue to improve our Cork facilities and we rely on the kidness of others to help us in this regard and for that we are always grateful.

A special thanks must go the ESB for funding the new system. A phenominal gesture and support. As you can see from the above responses received from the residents who were there before the system was installed and after it how much they value the new system.

Once again allowing survivors have their say in how this has affected them and great to hear just how positive it has been. 

Copy of the Survey given to residents.

Copy of Survey given to Residents