"The Blue Boy" A play that deals with Institutional Child abuse.

Exciting Original Irish Play

Tags: Free, Theatre

Venue: Half Moon Theatre

Tickets: ADMISSION FREE but ticketed Dates: Fr 24th June @ 3.00 pm (Extra Performance Friday 24 June @ 6pm.)

Brokentalkers latest project is a work in progress that deals with the experiences of men and women who were incarcerated as children in Catholic residential care institutions. Using recorded interviews, live performance, music and film, The Blue Boy attempts to give fresh theatrical voice to recently revealed stories of childhood abuse in Ireland.

As associate artists of the Festival, Brokentalkers are continuing the development of The Blue Boy with the support from the Cork Midsummer Festival'€™s New Works Department. Brokentalkers hope to premier the finished piece at the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival in October 2011.

Supported by Festival Firsts €“ Electrifying Irish Arts and Norfolk and Norwich Festival.
Brokentakers are part of PROJECT CATALYST an initiative of Project Arts Centre.

BrokenTalkers also hope to establish and produce their play around the country and access for Every one at this stage is free of charge. So dont be afraid to go to the Cork Mid-Summer Festival and enjoy the show. Please click here to view more information.

Anything or anyone who helps to hilight the injustices within these institutions deserves to be supported. Best of Luck and future updates will appear on this site.

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