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Information Regarding Website

The purpose for the establishment of this website is as follows:

  1. Inform our Member Base of what is happening in Right Of Place Second Chance
  2. To allow external bodies, who can have an influence on Survivors lives, see the talents that Survivors and more importantly to use this media channel as an opportunity to remind them who Survivors are.
  3. To allow Survivors to interact with each other, in a moderated environment where incorrect information will be corrected, with the truth.
  4. To Inform our Members of what is happening in their organization and to ask for their constructive input and feedback.

As a result of the reasons as to why this website was established, it is important that this news article be published to inform people a number of facts.

Will registering on the website, or leaving comments make you a member of Right Of Place Second Chance?

No. The only way you can become a member of ROPSC is by filling out the application form and signing it. As such you can leave comments and view any article and this will not make you a member of Right Of Place Second Chance.

Is the Website Moderated?

Yes. The Website is moderated as we want to create an area where Survivors can interact, view new information and comment. As with many websites, comments are moderated. We will only ever moderate comments if they are abusive and/ or serve no purpose but to upset Survivors, their families and any other person who views and comments on this website. We want to create an environment that fosters the idea of gaining correct information, asking questions and getting to grips will the real facts about the New Right Of Place Second Chance.

Does this mean my question will be moderated?

No. We welcome and encourage people to come onto this website and ask questions. We want to be open / transparent and honest (as we possibly can be) in our approach at helping Survivors, and we hope people leave comments to get the correct information. We can only ever answer questions with the truth and not fiction. We believe that asking questions, to get correct information is the way forward, hence the reason for establishing this website. We want to use any media channel that we can that enables us to interact with Survivors and their families in any meaningful way.

Is it just Survivors that can leave comments?

No. We encourage any person to leave comments on this website, Survivors, their families, friends or the general public to comment. We represent Unity and unity of purpose. We hope that every citizen, who has access to a computer comes onto this website, comments and asks questions. It is only together in a unified approach can we fight for the rights and entitlements of Survivors. It is also through this Unity of Survivor, their families and the general public can we fight the injustices and try to enhance Survivors and their families lives. Just because Survivors do not appear in the media - does not mean they have gone away and we all have a responsibility to remind people of this fact.


I hope the above brings clarity to one or two issues that have been brought to our attention by Members and Survivors. I hope this enables people to understand why it is important that they ask questions to get the real and correct facts from their organization and that we move forward to aid and help many Survivors who need our assistance.

Remember Right Of Place Second Chance is not only a support group, but a representative group and we can only represent the views of our members by their comments. We look forward to seeing you have a direct say in your organization, and also allowing people get the correct information that aids them to join Right Of Place and offer their many talents.

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