Right Of Place Second Chance and MABS

Unique Link Between Right Of Place - MABS and Survivors


Did you know that although MABS have many centres and Support workers around the country who work Tirelessly on behalf of people, MABS also has a number of dedicated professionals who deal exclusivly with Survivors and their families as a result of the Redres Scheme.

Both Derek Teeling and Helen McKenna over the last number of years have assisted many Survivors in personal debt issues and offered support to many who have found it difficult to deal with monies awarded from Redress.

Many Survivors find it difficult talking to any person within an organisation who do not understand and appreciate their backround, their difficulties and the problems that they face every day of their lives. Right Of Place has linked in with both Helen and Derek to afford members this personal service, that is outside the normal channels. They have both dealt with Survivors, specifically, and are therefore best placed to aid any Survivor that needs assitstance. They will either meet you personally or get one of their colleagues to meet you.

They are both very understanding and appreciative of the difficulties that many face and again are there specifically for Survivors. So whever you live in Ireland, the UK, the USA or anywhere else in the world and you need assistance with tackling debt and getting advice, call them personally and mention you are a member of Right of Place and they will afford you Priority of Service. Or call one of Right Of Place offices and we will arrange through them to offer you assistance.

Remember they are there to help you the Survivor and your family.

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