The Changing needs of survivors

It is ten years since the brutalities of abuse fi rst came to the attention of the public in any serious or believable way.

With the investigation and publication of the Ryan report all doubt about the nature, extent and sheer evil abuse inflicted on children in the care of state, religious, run institutions was removed.

Ten years have passed since then. Survivors are getting old and in need of assistance.

Right of Place Second Chance does not buy into the false argument that survivors did not handle their paltry redress wisely.

The fact is that some didn’t while the majority did handle their redress with caution and care.

Therefore, Right of Place Second Chance also make the case that – not only should the 110 million be handed over to survivors immediately, but that the 450 million which the church is being asked to hand over to the state as payment for the redress which has already been paid out – should in fact be used as a health/ welfare support aid - for survivors - to aid us in our ill health and support us and our dependents in our time of need.

So that we can live with dignity and die in peace.

The trust fund

Right of Place/Second Chance has already stated our position on this fund, in our last Newsletter.

It is that a cash settlement should be issued to each survivor from the 110 million, which the Religious have handed over to the state.

We make this argument on two grounds;

  1. The ageing profile of survivors
  2. The urgent need to alleviate the financial hardship many survivors are experiencing at present

The majority of survivors are in the age bracket of late fifties, sixties upwards. Many survivors are dying in abject poverty. Many are unable to take advantage of education or training programmes because of ill health and frailty.

Also, many survivors are socially isolated unable to meet friends or family or go to a place that offers a social outlet. Many survivors are hard pressed to pay bills such as heating, electricity and outstanding personal loans.

Let's get real here and deal with what survivors need now and into the short future we have left!

New Lo-call Number

The old free Phone number has been replaced with a new Lo-call number. So, when you decide to call our National number in Cork it is 1890 200 207.

The offices in Waterford Limerick and Galway have their own numbers and it makes more sense that survivors / members from their own areas contact these offices, for a quicker, personal response.

Your local area Right of Place Second Chance workers will be available to deal with issues that affect survivors/dependants so if you are faced with a diffi culty of any kind, give them a ring. Local and national updates on any survivor developments will now be just a call or visit away.

This will address the criticisms that Survivors/members were not getting any information of things as they developed.

New offices open for Survivors

The Limerick office is opened in the Basement 72 O Connell Street Limerick.

The Galway office is opened at Unit 4b Kilkerrin Park Liosban Estate Tuam Road Galway.

The outreach worker for the newly formed Limerick/ Galway Area is Val Groeake and he can be contacted on 086 3145235 Waterford /Eastern office is opened in the Rice Youth and Community Centre Manor Street.

The outreach worker for the Waterford Eastern Area is Micheal Walsh and who can be contacted in the Waterford office Phone: 051 309364 (this is temporary).

The Cork/Kerry office and outreach worker for Cork/ Kerry Area is Ann Marie Crean and who can be contacted on 1890200709.

Congratulations to all.

These regional offices are supported by our head office in Cork and together we hope that information, advice, assistance and generally all appeals will be easily accessible to you much more than before.

It is the intention of Right of Place Second Chance to address any problems survivors/members experience and to have an open door for survivors to express their concerns regarding events that affect them and to respond to those concerns as effectively as we can.