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To all Survivors,


The Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board have established their own website, which will, into the future, contain much information about it's workings and development.


Currently on the site is a copy of the Press Release that was issued when the Board was established and it is hoped that as the official workings and information becomes more developed this will be put up. Any useful/important information that is shared, will also be put up on this site. If you need any assistance or further information, as always please feel free to contact us.


Additionally to this, I hope you understand that as the Board have only had the occasion to meet once since their appointments, it will be some time before more concrete information is put up.

*****Whilst the Contact details have been agreed & Website, the exact nature of their supports, how to apply etc have not yet been established. ******


As such any application that you may send to the address and details will not be accepted as applications to the New Fund.

It is envisaged the application process etc will take a number of months to be established & agreed, which is understandable considering the importance of the Fund, so please be conscious of this. However;


To view the website, please click here.


Alternatively the New website address is:

Minister Quinn announces the establishment of the Residential institutions Statutory Fund (Important Information)


* Important to keep reading below for Q & A of the common questions we have already experienced from our clients

Minister Quinn announces establishment of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund


The Residential Institutions Statutory Fund (RISF) is to be officially established next Monday, the 25th of March.  The Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn T.D.  is also announcing the appointment of the members of the RISF Board and the designation of the first CEO.


The RISF Board is a new body which is being established under the provisions of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act 2012. The Board will oversee the use of the cash contributions of up to €110 million pledged by the religious congregations to support the needs of some 15,000 survivors of residential institutional child abuse.  These survivors have received awards from the Residential Institutions Redress Board or equivalent court awards.


The support to be provided will include a range of approved services, including health and personal social services, education and housing services.  To date €40m in cash contributions have been received from the congregations and a further €27m is expected on the establishment of the Fund.


Minister Quinn said, “The establishment of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board represents a critically important step in responding to the needs of those who were subjected to horrendous abuse while children in residential institutions. I greatly appreciate the fact that the members have agreed to contribute to the work of the Board and I wish them well in their work. While the tasks facing the Fund are significant, I am confident that it will make a meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of the survivors of institutional abuse.”


The composition of the Board is as follows:


Ms Sylda Langford, Chairperson


Ordinary Members (former residents of institutions)


  • Mr Paddy Doyle
  • Ms Bernadette Fahy
  • Ms Phyllis Morgan
  • Mr Martin Power



Other Ordinary Members


  • Mr Damian Casey
  • Mr Austin Currie
  • Mr Tom Daly
  • Ms Katherine Finn BL

The Board members are appointed for a four year term of office, commencing on 25th March, 2013.  The positions are not remunerated.


The Minister also announced that Ms Mary Higgins is to be appointed as chief executive officer of the RISF Board.  She was selected following a recruitment campaign held by the Public Appointments Service.


The Minister also commenced Part 4 of the 2012 Act, which dissolves the Education Finance Board and transfers its remaining functions and staff to the RISF, with effect from 29th March 2013.




Q & A


Will Right of Place Second Chance continue to be funded?


We have had a number of enquiries from our clients who access our Services on a regular basis surrounding this issue. I can categorically confirm that we will indeed continue to be funded and there is no need to fear surrounding this. We have only ever been funded by the HSE, the St. Stephens Green Trust Fund and received a small amount from the Department of Education.


This fund is not being established to support groups, but to support Survivors. We will continue to receive our funding from the HSE and will continue to support Survivors and their families where we possibly can. We will also be available to offer assistance to any Survivor living in Ireland, the UK and further afield in applying for support from the Statutory Trust Fund.

It is imperative that Survivors do not fear, as we will continue to be funded by the HSE, of which we are grateful for their continued support and encouragement. Ensuring we remain open is even more imperative at this present stage to ensure Survivors 1) Gain access to the supports we offer and 2) Those most vulnerable have a support base to help them apply and make appeals for their needs to the RISF


What can I apply for?

Whilst there was guidelines set down in the Bill, the exact nature and types of support offered by the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund will become apparent over the next couple of weeks. The Board are due to meet this Wednesday (27th March 2013) and this will be discussed. Due to our links and information we will get it as soon as it becomes available and as soon as we have it our members and general Survivor population will receive it.


How do I apply?

Again this question is answered in the above statement. It will take the Board and CEO of the RISF a number of weeks in which to meet to discuss the exact criteria into how a Survivor applys, however our offices, phone network, e-mail support and Newsletters will be published once this becomes more apparent.


Will you let me no when more information becomes available?

Right of Place is committed to ensuring our clients have correct, factual and accurate information as soon as it becomes available. We will be holding open days in our Office Centres and other areas across Ireland in the Near future, will have all our staff trained on the information should you wish to call, we will send out a Newsletter/pamphlet to explain the information and we will be making many media appearances to ensure all Survivors have access to the neccessary information.

Additionally to this, we hope to work with the Board to establish information and material to be distributed to Survivors explaining how the RISF can support them. This should ensure you that when the information becomes available, you will have it ASAP.


Will Right of Place Help me in my application?

We are a support group whose only aim is to assist Survivors. This includes applications to the New RISF so please feel free to call us by looking at any of our information as detailed by clicking here. (Opens in a new window)

Who is Mary Higgins?


Mary Higgins has been nominated as the CEO of the Board. Mary was previously Director of the Homeless Agency and Director of the Homeless initiative. Additionally to this Mary also held the position of Director of Threshold. More recently Mary was a Social and Management Policy Consultant and sat on the Network created by the St. Stephen's Green Trust, which assists and deals with a number of Survivor Groups assisting them in the delivery of their services. As part of this work she also carried out research into the needs of Survivors of Institutional Abuse, of which can be viewed by clicking here. Having dealt with Mary on a Professional capacity over the last 24 months, we can assure our Clients that Mary is very aware of Survivors needs and we very much view her appointment as a positive step for the advancement of Survivors lives.


So What now?


Now that the Board has been announced and the CEO put in place, they will meet to discuss the eligibility criteria. This will mean how does a Survivor apply for support, what can they apply for etc. Once this is finalised we hope to be in a position to inform our members and clients immediately through the delivery of this information by post, by phone and through local media outlets.

Micheál Walsh on Deise AM Radio re: Magdalene Laundries and Opening of New Offices



Recently our Outreach Manager for the Waterford and Eastern Region was asked to come onto, Waterfords Most listened to Radio Show, Deise AM with Billy McCarthy to discuss the recent publication of the Magdalene Laundries Report.

In this Interview Micheál Discussed the Report further and again re-iterated the importance to recognise the possibility the report had to re-traumatise Survivors of Institutional Abuse.

In the Second Part of the Interview, Micheál went on to discuss the opening of the New Drop In and Educational Centre for Right of Place Second Chance that has been two years in the development and looked to appeal for support from the public of Waterford.

It is important to note the support that has been generated from the public and the assistance that was offered as soon as the radio interview was complete. We are particularly grateful to the lady from Waterford City who called 5 minutes after the Interview and has aided us in getting much of the Office furniture that was/is needed.

Whilst she did not want to be named, our Heartfelt thanks to her and to the other individual's who called and offered what they could and who had heard of the work that we were doing and were only to eager to offer their assistance.


The interview can be listened to here:

Please note interview is

  1. DEISE AM - Thursday 21st of February
  2. Second Part to Listen to and begins on 25 minutes.

PLEASE CLICK HERE - (Opens in a New Window)

Information for Magdalene Laundry Survivors Compensation/Support Package


What does it Mean?


As of yet the final details of any compensation/support package are yet to be announced. So it is important you are aware of this. The Government are cognisant of the difficulties created by the adverserial Residential Institutions Redress Scheme and they are eager for this not to occur again. As such Judge John Quirke has been tasked with forming a view and creating a fair and just compensation package. To this degree the Terms of Reference have already been agreed. Which you can view by clicking here


Who is Judge John Quirke

Judge Quirke is president of the Law Reform Commission and a highly thought of an well regarded Judge within the judicial system in Ireland. He is tasked with completing the Terms of Reference within three months which will afford Survivors of Magdelene Laundries access to compensation and any support packages that may be made available.


I hear there has been Money already handed over

The Government is to hand over €250,000 to the UK based support Group Step by Step who are tasked with ensuring Survivors receive Counselling and Support Services. This is and does not form part of the final compensation package but is being provided for Support to UK Survivors of Magdalene Laundries. No such scheme/support has been announced for Ireland presently, however as always our Offices and Support Structures will remain open and you can contact us by clicking here for our details.


If I am a Survivor of Magdalene Laundries how do I make my myself known for support

This aspect is crucial in ensuring you are aware, kept informed and have your say into how future supports are to be shaped.

It is therefore important to note, you are asked to register your details with the Department of Justice and Equality. You are asked to write into:

Magdalene Laundry Fund,

C/O Department of justice and Equality,

Montague Court,

Montague Street,

Dublin 2.


Knowing the difficulties this may cause and the possibility to affect you when writing in, it is important to be aware of our Office Structure. Should you need any assistance in writing the letter, before, during or after please call into one of our offices. We offer free Counselling, support in access to Housing/Welfare/Education, we also offer an Outreach Service should you need us to come to you and an advocacy service should you want or need anyone to write or speak on your behalf. Any additional information or supports needed please feel free to phone any of your local offices or drop into any of your local offices.

Finally once again we would like to congratulate the real drivers and Advocacy groups who have fought so hard for the historic day that we witnessed last night. To Justuce for Magdalenes, Magdalene Survivors Together and to the Irish Women Survivors Support Network and the countless individuals who told their story, we say well done, for your hard work and dedication in the face of the most severe adversity!


Taoiseach Makes an Historic Apology to Magdelene Laundry Survivors



Taoiseach Enda Kenny has apologised to the women who spent time in the Magdalene laundries. (To read the full apology Click Here)

In an emotional speech, which was greeted by loud applause, Mr Kenny said: "This is a national shame for which I say again I am deeply sorry and offer my full and heartfelt apologies."

Opening the Dáil debate tonight on the McAleese report, Mr Kenny said the Magdalene laundries were reserved for what was offensively and judgementally called fallen women.

The women, he added, were wholly blameless.

He added: "I, as Taoiseach, on behalf of this State, the Government and our citizens, deeply regret and apologise unreservedly to all those women for the hurt that was done to them, for any stigma they suffered as a result of the time they spent in the Magdalene laundry."

Mr Kenny said the women deserved more than a formal apology.

He said the Government had asked the president of the Law Reform Commission, Judge John Quirke, to undertake a three-month review and make recommendations about the criteria that should be applied in assessing the help the Government could provide in the area of payments and other supports, including medical cards, psychological and counselling services and other welfare needs.

The terms of reference for Judge Quirke were published this evening following Mr Kenny's speech.

When Judge Quirke has reported, a fund will be established to assist the women based on his recommendations.


"I am confident that this process will enable us to provide speedy, fair and meaningful help to the women in a compassionate and non-adversarial way," Mr Kenny said.

"The reality is..... that for 90 years ..... Ireland subjected these women and their experience..... to a profound and studied indifference," Mr Kenny said.

"We now know that the State itself was directly involved in over a quarter of all admissions to the Magdalene Laundries."

Mr Kenny said he hoped the publication of the McAleese Report and the Government's apology would make a contribution to the healing process.

For decades thousands of women and girls, often unmarried mothers and women who left their husbands, were placed into work-houses.

Concluding his apology, Mr Kenny said: "Let me hope that this day and this debate heralds a new dawn for all those who feared that the dark midnight might never end."

Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore said he wanted to join the Taoiseach "in offering, on behalf of the State and the Irish people, a heartfelt apology to the survivors of the Magdalene Laundries."

Commenting on the possibility of restitution, he said there was "a role" for the religious orders which ran the laundries, "to make a fair contribution, along with the taxpayer".

"These laundries were private businesses, run by those orders, which benefited from the unpaid labour of the women committed to them," he said.

Earlier, Independent councillor Mannix Flynn spoke at a candle-lit vigil which was held in solidarity with the women outside Leinster House.

Mr Flynn said the laundries represented “a regime of torture and a regime of slavery throughout this country.”

He said there were “many more” such scandals to be uncovered. He added that "we must remember the children out there still looking for their mothers."

Spokeswoman for Justice for Magdalenes Claire McGettrick said "these women are our sisters,our mothers, grandmothers, our neighbours and our friends."

"For decades they have walked a lonely road," she said.

The vigil was organised by the Justice for Magdalenes (JFM) group and the National Women’s Council of Ireland. Singer Mary Coughlan also took part.

Support package

Three groups that have represented the women – JFM, the London Irish Women Survivors Support Group and Magdalene Survivors Together – agree that a package to assist the women should include pensions, healthcare, counselling, housing services and advice.

They also agree that lump-sum compensation should be paid to them. JFM has proposed a €100,000 sum in addition to a package of services including pensions and lost wages. That figure “reflects that women are forgoing important legal rights to go before the courts”, JFM has said.

At the weekend Minister of State for Health Kathleen Lynch said the package provided to the women would be assessed on an individual basis.

The McAleese report found that the State referred or facilitated the transfer of at least 26.5 per cent of women to the laundries, based on available records. It also found direct State involvement in key areas such as the funding and inspection of the laundries.

More than 10,000 women and girls entered the 10 laundries between 1922 and 1996. Referrals made or facilitated by the State included 2,124 of the 8,025 cases for which reasons are known.

The report also stated that 61 per cent of the women spent less than a year in the laundries and that their average age at time of entry was 24.

©Irish Times 19-Feb-2013

Current Vacancy - New Job Opening

Current Vacancy Available at Right of Place Second Chance


Further to our development over the last two years a job opportunity has become available in Right of Place Second Chance. This opportunity has become available through the JobBridge Programme to which the applicant who is hired will receive:

An Allowance of €50 per week will be paid, in addition to your current Social Welfare Payment.

The Position: Ref. INTE-740725 Fundraising Officer

Department: Reporting to Financial and Administration Department

Region: Based in HQ in Cork City



The intern will gain practical experience in Marketing, Event Management, Public Relations, Reporting and a deeper understanding of the community and Voluntary Sector. Will also develop and liaise with all levels of an organisation. The intern will receive formal/informal training in the following: Reporting, Marketing, Developing Strategies, IT Skills and Communications. On completion the intern will have attained skills in Dealing with all Levels of an organisation. Strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail, Marketing and Promotion, Report Writing and Developing and implementing National Marketing Strategies.

Skills Requirements

The ideal candidate will be able to work on their own and as part of a team. Will be able to be creative and committed to the Organisation, with an acute ability to develop and foster ongoing relationships with donors and supporters.




The Organisation will assign a mentor to support you during the Internship.


9 Months

Number of Positions


Contract Type

9 Month Internship

Days, Hours & Start Date

Days per week: To be Advised
Hours per day: Not specified
Hours per week: 30
Start Date: TBC

Experience Required:

No Experience Required

Education Requirements:

A minimum qualification level is not necessary for this application, however Relevant degree/certificate will be an advantage


Whilst this role is on a temporary, 30 hour a week basis for 9 months, it is hoped that this position will become a full time contracted basis, but this is dependent upon the total fundraising income generated by the applicant in their time with Right of Place Second Chance.

It is therefore a unique and fantastic opportunity for the Right Candidate.

How to Apply

Please send a C.V and cover Letter to:

Micheal Walsh, 100-101, Lower Glanmire Road, Cork City.

Alternatively e-mail C.V and Cover Letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact arrangements must be followed exactly as stated by the employer as they are the preferred method of contact.


Right of Place Second Chance
100 - 101, Offices and Apartments
Right of Place,
Lower Glanmire Road
Cork City


1890 200 709


021 4551386


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." style="color: #1574b0;">Closing Date:

Closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 15th march 2013 at 4.30pm

Stand in Solidarity with Magdalene Survivors - Candle Lit Vigil



Candlelit Vigil


As the debate regarding the State's involvement in the running of the Magdalene Laundries commences in the Dail tomorrow,  the National  Womens Council of Ireland and Justice For Magdelenes are holding a candlelight vigil tomorrow at 5 pm Outside the Dail. The vigil will be preceding the Dail Debate.

Those who plan to attend are kindly requested not to bring any organisational banners to the event.  Information on the vigil can be found below:


19 February 2013

Please join us and stand in Solidarity with Magdalene Survivors and their Families

What: Candle Lit Vigil with singer Mary Coughlan preceding the Dáil Debate on the McAleese Report

Where: Outside the Dáil

When: Tuesday, 19th February, 5 pm

Organised by Justice for Magdalenes and The National Women's Council of Ireland

As this is a vigil we would welcome people to bring along candles but not organisational banners.


Outside the Dáil

Chairperson of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board (important Information - Please Read))

Minister Quinn nominates Chairperson of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board


The Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi­ Quinn T.D., has nominated Sylda Langford to become Chairperson of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board.  In accordance with Government procedures, the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Education and Social Protection will meet with Ms Langford next week to discuss the approach she will take as Chairperson and her views about the future contribution of the new organisation. Following that discussion, a final decision will be taken by the Minister in relation to the confirmation of Ms Langford as Chairperson.


Minister Quinn also intends to establish the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board and to announce the membership of the full Board as soon as possible.


The Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board is a new body which will be established shortly under the provisions of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Act 2012. The Board will oversee the use of the cash contributions of up to €110 million pledged by the 18 religious congregations to support the needs of some 15,000 survivors of residential institutional child abuse.


This support will involve the provision of a range of approved services, including health and personal social services, education and housing services. To date €40m in cash contributions has been received and a further €27m is expected on the establishment of the Fund. The 15,000 survivors are those who have received awards from the Residential Institutions Redress Board or equivalent court awards. On the establishment of the new Board the existing Education Finance Board will be dissolved and its functions in relation to its remaining funds will be performed by the new Board.


The new Board will consist of the Chairperson and eight members, four of whom must be former residents of the 139 scheduled institutions to the Residential Institutions Redress Act 2002.


Additional Information Regarding Sylda Langford

Sylda Langford is the former Director General of the Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs in the previous Department of Health and Children. Previously she was an Assistant Secretary General in the Department of Justice and Law Reform for nine years. She has had extensive experience in policy and legislative work across a broad range of government areas. She is Chair of the Citizen's Information Board and has a professional background in social policy and social work.


What this means for Survivors?


The Structure of the Board is proposed to be; The Chairperson supported by 4 Survivors of Institutional Abuse and 4 Professionals. It is then a necessity on the Board, along with the Chairperson to establish and lay down the criteria as to how Survivors apply for the Fund and what the exact nature of the supports that will be given from the Fund.


This essentially means that once Sylda is ratified and confirmed as chairperson it is proposed that the Board will then be announced (From Applications already received). Once this is done and a criteria set down, we will be reviewing this and holding Regional meetings to inform Survivors, producing a Newsletter to advise of the information and also publish a short document that will be sent to all members with these details. As soon as we get additional information we will forward it onto you our members and to the clients who contact our office.


Official Right of Place/SC Press Release on Magdalen Laundry Report

Official Press Release –

Right of Place Second Chance Response to Magdalene Laundry Report (as reported on RTÉ)


Right of Place Second Chance, an organisation that supports Survivors of Industrial School Abuse wish to express our disappointment at the Report published today. We stand firmly behind clients of ours who spent time in Magdalene Laundries and support the demands for a full apology and compensation for the Magdalene Survivors.


We believe the Report did not go far enough and the comparison between those who suffered in Industrial Schools was unfair to both Groups. This is a fundamental flaw as comparisons between personal suffering experienced by both groups is disrespectful to Magdalene Survivors and Re-traumatising to Survivors of Institutional Abuse.


This reflects poorly on the understanding of an on-going need for support for the most vulnerable Survivors in society.


We also wish to highlight the near 25% of Magdalene Women who were “Institutionalised” prior to their incarceration in Laundries, The state must remember their long term responsibility to both Magdalene Survivors and Survivors of Industrial Institutional Abuse.


We call on the Government to implement a programme that will support Survivors in Health, Welfare and Care for the remainder of their lives.


Michael Walsh,

National Chairperson,

Right of Place Second Chance



We want to remind Survivors of Institutional abuse that we are cognisant of the possibility this report has to re-ignite feelings within our clients and those who access our services. We want to ensure you that our offices and usual supports will be available tomorrow by calling or dropping into any of your local offices for support and information.


All at Right of Place Second Chance want to recognise the dedicated work of those who spoke and represented Survivors of Magdalen Laundries, many of whom we have met over the last 18 months and to encourage their ongoing work for long term supports for Survivors.

Supplementary to this, as advised we will be developing our strategy to present to the Government for long term supports to Survivors of Institutional Abuse and want to advise that at all steps in the process Survivor information, advise and encouragement will be included and requested.


It is important at this difficult time, should you need any support to contact us and our details for our regional offices are located by clicking here. (opens in a new window)

Report to establish the facts of state involvement with the Magdalen Laundries



To view the full Report completed by the inter-departmental Committee please click here. (Opens in a New Window)


We want to re-iterate again should you need any support information or advise please feel free to call any of our offices. Our details can be found by clicking here.


Below is the Introduction from Senator McAleese, the independent chair of the Committee.


Introduction by the Independent Chair

Senator Martin McAleese

1. There is no single or simple story of the Magdalen Laundries.


2. This Report has established that approximately 10,000 women are known to

have entered a Magdalen Laundry from the foundation of the State in 1922

until the closure of the last Laundry in 1996.  Of the cases in which routes of

entry are known, 26.5% were referrals made or facilitated by the State.


LIVE: Magdelene Laundries Report

The report of the committee investigating State involvement with the Magdalene Laundries between 1922 and 1996 will be published this afternoon

Dr Martin McAleese chaired the committee

Enda Kenny has called for a debate in the Dáil on the issue in two weeks, to give people time to read the 1,000-page report

The probe is a partial response to the UN Committee Against Torture's call for a prompt, independent, statutory investigation into allegations by former residents of Magdalene Laundries

Residents say gardaí knew the nuns running the laundries were holding them involuntarily
*Taken from RTE Website


For Live updates and to see a live video Feed please feel free to view the below link:

Additionally to this for any Survivor affected by the Report or information contained within it, please feel free to click here for relevant contact us information.

More information will follow.

Great News - office Opening Hours

Great News


As was advised earlier this year, the necessity on us as an organisation to break even by the end of the year meant that Right of Place took the decision to reduce staffing hours in the final quarter of 2012.

This was a difficult, but necessary decision and not only affected our staff, but more importantly those who access our services. This was crucial to us continuing into the longer term with a better platform in which to build on our existing supports.

However due to the tireless work (hundreds of Voluntary hours) by our staff and the many Survivors who offered their expertise, support and encouragement this reduction of hours has been addressed and we now face into 2013 with a brighter, more stable future in our continued quest to provide the best supports to Survivors of institutional Child Abuse and their families.

it is important for us to also note the continued support and expertise that the HSE, St. Stephens Green Trust and the Department of Education offers us and we are grateful for this. To our staff who worked under immeasurable stress, with limited hours and most importantly the Survivors who helped us and believed in what we are doing and trying to create. It is amazing the support that comes about when you most need it. Whether that has come in the form of monetary assistance, or offering your time and expertise it is important to us that our clients are involved at all levels of the organisation.

So as of from 7th of January the New Office opening Hours are as follows:


Head Office - Cork/Kerry Area Regional Office

Monday -    10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Tuesday -    10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Wednesday -    10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Thuesday -    10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Friday -    10.00 AM - 4.00 PM


Waterford/Eastern Area Regional Office

Monday -    CLOSED

Tuesday -    By Appointment Only

Wednesday -    10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Thuesday -    10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Friday -    10.00 AM - 4.00 PM


Galway/Western Area Regional Office

Monday -    10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Tuesday -    10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Wednesday -    10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Thuesday -   By Appointment Only

Friday -    CLOSED


Additional Offices


We are acutely aware of the calls to open additional offices and hire additional staff. We are constantly evaluating/applying and seeking assistance in support from individuals, groups and companies to assist us in these endeavours. With the budget we have at present (bearing in mind it is over 50% less then 24 months ago) we have managed to open more offices and have more frontline staff then ever before. We are aware of the success of our endeavours and the understanding and research that the types of support we offer are best administered in the local community's Survivors access them from so we are doing everything in our power to open additional offices.

Should you have any questions on this, or can offer support please feel free to get in touch by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or writing to any of your local offices, by getting their address by clicking here.


Upgrading the offices


We are also aware of what Survivors are requesting, relative to the existing offices such as a drop in centre etc and we want to assure you we are looking at the possibility of developing these. We want you to know that your concerns and ideas will always be listened to and currently an internal informal feasability study will be carried out at each of our centres to see if they can be implemented. Any developments on this and all Survivors will be kept informed through our website, Local media outlets and to our members through our Newsletters.


Finally it gives us all great pleasure to hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and you have a prosperous New Year.

Thank you for your continued understanding, support, encouragement and assistance in 2012.

It is only again to remind you should you ever need assistance, information or would like to offer your help please do not hesitate to contact us.

Magdalene Laundries Report due to be published within the next four weeks



Justice Minister Alan Shatter has this evening advised that he will shortly receive what he describes as a "substantial review" and findings from the inter-departmental review group into the slave like conditions in Magdalene Laundries.

In a report that has been many years coming, all at Right of Place Second Chance hope that this can be the beginning of a recognition into the suffering of Magdalene Survivors, many of whom are elderly and vulnerable.

It is envisaged that this report will be published within the next four weeks and once it is, it will be available on our website with explanatory information attached.

For any Survivor wishing to find out more information in relation to this, please feel free to contact any of your local offices for further information.

Additionally to this, please see the below link for further information.


Please click here to view additional reporting/information (opens in a new window)

Happy Christmas

Special Note:

The whole organisation of Right of Place Second Chance would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

It is because of your support, generosity and kindness of Spirit that the lives of thousands of Survivors and their families have been advanced in 2012.

Please don't forget the many Survivors who may be spending Christmas alone this Year. A simple phone call at this special time of year can make all the difference!

Happy Christmas to our members, Survivors,their families and our many supporters.

Keep an eye closer to New Years for a review of 2012 and to see the exciting plans for 2013, in our constant journey of evolving the organisation and fighting for Survivors and their families Rights.

Christmas Opening Hours and Availability

Notice of Opening Hours over the Festive Period


All Our Regional offices and our Headquarters in Cork will be closed from the following dates:


24th of December 2012 - 3rd of January.


All our offices will reopen on the 4th of January from 9.30 am.


In an emergency situation and you need urgent assistance:

It is important to note however, should you need immediate assistance over this period please feel free to e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Should you wish to contact your local Regional office that is non urgent please feel free to call and leave a message on our confidential voicemail Service. Upon the Return of our Outreach Officer they will call you back as soon as possible.


Finally should you require Counselling Services over the festive Period please be aware of the following:


Connect will be operating a free, continuous telephone counselling service throughout the Christmas and New Year period as follows:

Christmas service:  Wednesday 19 December 2012 to Sunday 6th January 2013 every evening from 6.00pm till 10.00pm

To contact Connect call freephone from:
U.K. & NORTHERN IRELAND: 00 800 477 477 77
IRELAND: 1 800 477 477