ROP/SC 2011 Audited Financial Accounts


Please click on the below link to view our Audited accounts for 2011.


These are the most recent and most up to date accounts that are available and as advised in the Annual Report they were not published in that because there was a delay in geting them signed off before our Launch.


When you click on this link , the Financial Accounts will open in a seperate window.


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Code of Governance and ROP/SC

Code of Governence


As part of Right of Place Second Chance continued aim to provide the best supports to Survivors of Institutional Abuse and to constantly appraise the value of our work ROP / SC is taking another unprecedented step amongst Survivors groups.


Right of Place Second Chance has decided to sign up to and consequently be reviewed under the most recent Code of Governence for charities.


At present Right of Place is currently being evaluated to see if we are matching best practices across a varying range of governence and management fundamentals. The main five pillars that underpin this evaluation are as follows;


  1. Principle One: Leading our Organisation
  2. Principle Two: Exercising Control Over our organisation.
  3. Principle Three: Being Transparent and Accountable
  4. Principle Four: Working Effectively
  5. Principle Five: Behaving with Integrity


Once this review has been carried out, the areas that we need to improve upon as an organisation will be published for all to view and we will advise on how we plan to improve them and set an agreed date for their implementation.


It will make interesting reading to see how we ultimatly fare and will help us to re-evaluate the changes that we have made within Right of Place Second Chance since the New Board took over, just over 18 months ago.


Keep an eye on the website for more details as they come.

Fantastic Exhibition of the Arts by Survivors - Take A Look

Right of Place Second Chance Exhibition - "Walk A Mile in My Shoes"

Supporting Talents through Adversity.


Mandy, Waterford City - "How awfully sad yet a testament to a childs inner strength. Unfortunatley not all Survived, shame on us all!"


Recently Held in Waterford City was an exhibition by Survivors and their families of their various types of Art, Craft, Poetry, Prose and General pieces of Craft.

It was simply a wonderful exhibition that helped to showcase the talents that exist amongst Survivors and the comment book that was open for all who viewed it to leave their own comment was heart warming. Comments such as:

Michael, Waterford City - "Beautiful Sense of the Struggle and Triupmh over adversity"

Noelle, Kilkenny - "Praise the Lord, all of your wonderful talents can be seen at last. God Bless All of you"

John, Waterford County - "Very Powerful"

It begins to give you a sense of just how wonderful this exhibition was.

The Purpose of the exhibition was to develop it into a journey. A way of showing us and the wider public, why these pieces of artwork were such a triumph. We created a pathway that brought people into the mind and the psyche of Survivors, from their childhood to many of their empowered states of mind and creativity now.

Here's how we created this:

Step 1: The Childhood:


The CHildhood

The Left part of the Wall is the picture above. It depicted what it was like for many Survivors. How could one possibly expect to learn in an institution when you were not even recognised as a name only a number.

The Below picture was testaments from Survivors of what many of the sentiments that were said to them each day of their schooling. We wanted to showcase this for the wider public to see how demoralising it was for generations of Irish Children. This was to the Right of the Above picture and received a powerful understanding:

Aoife, Waterford City - "Inspiring, simply inspiring - Helped show me a Survivors Childhood"


The Childhood Part 2


STEP 2: The Victim


The Second Part of Our Exhibition came onto our pictures. Many of these pictures were donated by Survivors of Right of Place Second Chance and many were harrowing to say the least. There was a caption associated, "Look into their Eyes". As with any of the pictures regarding the institutions the sheer lack of facilities left a lot of people talking.

Anne from Waterford City - "Very Powerful"

Gerry From Waterford City - "Very Moving"

The Victim


The Above formed only a small part of the exhibition as we wanted to focus the attention on the plight of Survivors but mainly on their achievments despite the adversity they suffered. This was the reason why we then brought people onto their third section, namely;


STEP 3: The Survivor

The Survivor


The Survivor


The Two Pictures above, formed the centre piece of our Exhibition. We wanted to catch the eye of the wider public by having memorable quotes from our Fromer Taoiseach and Former President. The purpose of this was to highlight the fact that this issue was not an isolated incident. It was not something that was carried out by a small section of our society, but a national tragedy that was recognised at the highest levels within our country.

Alan - Kilkenny City - "I was so very moved by your work, my heart goes out to everyone"

We also began to include a number of the additional Art pieces by our Survivors. I am sure you will agree they are fantastic. They began to aid in the national transition in our journey / exhibition to showcasing the talents and showing to our citizens that despite the obsticals they had just witnessed Survivors were Empowered to achieve fantastic pieces of Art and Literature.

Maeve, Unknown - "Fantastic and Heart Rending, I never realised the sheer scale"


STEP 4: Empowerment




The Skill showcased in the Above paintings and craft is simply breathtaking. When one considers the history of Survivors, to see the work that they have built and created is simply fantastic. It is a true testament to the dedication and talents through adversity. The amount of people blown away by some of this artwork was staggering and long may it continue.

Kate, Waterford City - "Great Exhibition"

John, Waterford City - "Empowering!"

Anonymous - "Fantastic, Keep up the Great work that you do"


STEP 4: Empowerment Continued


Empowerment Continued


The Final Picture above was a continuation of our Empowerment. It was a collection of Poetry and Prose by Survivors and their family members. To say I was overwhelmed by the sheer passion and emotion involved in them was an understatement. They told stories, from deep within the soul of Survivors, expressing their inner most thoughts and feelings. The topics were as diverse as, Love, Mothers, The institutions, their childhood, their adulthood, nature etc. The Poetry really was excellent was of a very high standard, indeed one of the comments on our comment book advised this:

Julie, Unknown - "Was very moved by the Power of your poetry. I felt so sad that any of you had to endure what you did and very inspired by the strength you all Show."


So that came to the end of our exhibition. For a Pilot project it proved immensley popular, worthwile and left a lasting impression in so many peoples minds. Some of the additional comments left are as follows;

Pat, Co. Carlow - "Simply Incredible an thank you for letting us see"

Anne, Waterford City - "Very Expressive and Worthwhile"

Mr. Hearn, Unknown - "Good Work"

Terese, Waterford County - "Great Work"

Trish, Unknown - "Keep up the Fantastic Work"

Collette - "Excellent Exhibition"

Eamonn, Waterford - "A beautiful, fantastic way of making sure we never forget"




Two final comment's that was left on our comment book;

Shirley, Waterford City - "The Path is sometimes long, hard and never ending. The trials suffered and conquored make us stronger and more able to face what is to come. The path will end... how we face this ending depends on us... Survivors will face their end, THEIR way"


Anonymous - "Wonderful to see talents promoted that were kept silent for so long. I can really begin to feel and understand the pain, but appreciate the ability to come through it with the support you offer and through the works on display"

I hope you enjoyed looking at the exhibition as I know all those that could attend were very moved by it, and the comments out lined abve which come directy from our comment book help to show this.

Finally I would like to thank All the staff in Right of Place, especially those Support Staff in the Waterford Office for establishing the exhibition, but more importantly to who the exhibition was about - You the Survivor and your family member. For wanting to display your amazing artwork, poetry etc they were simply incredible and for the many hundreds who viewed over the course of the week, you have left a lasting impression. My sincerest thanks to all those that contributed!

Exhibition of Survivors Art/Poetry/Photography/Craft Etc in Waterford Central Library 28/05 - 03/06 2012

Fantastic Exhibition 28th May - 2nd June 2012 - Waterford Central Library


Right of Place Second Chance proudly presents the excellent, emotive and wonderful exhibition "Walk a mile in my Shoes"


After offering our Outreach Service to Survivors over the last year one of the many positives of Survivors is the talents that exist through the Arts. There is fantastic Art, emotional yet eye opening poetry that explores the very soul of Survivors and craft that is natural and produced purely from inate talent. This however for many years in many Survivors was one which they never had the opportunity to showcase or even develop throughout their life, however we hope to have changed this in some small way.

As a result an exhibition of Survivors works was developed to heighten awareness to the general public of the talents that exist among the Survivor population and indeed their family member, additionally to the experience many suffered. Proudly displayed is work by Survivors that allows our citizens see the talents that exist and already the feedback has been excellent.

To all those that contributed, by sending in their pieces of work, we have no need to be thanked, it is us that should be thanking you for allowing us the opportunity to showcase your work. For anybody who has not seen the exhibition I would say if you can make it to Waterford before Saturday evening, please do and celebrate and show solidarity to your fellow Survivor for their fantastic works and their fantastic achievements.

Already we have been asked to develop it nationally and allow others across Ireland to experience the exhibition, so keep your eyes open into the future. Pictures and videos of the exhibition will follow.


Two Survivors Looking to Re-connect


Two Survivors of Institutional Child Abuse are looking for fellow Survivors whom they may have spent time with in the listed Institutions below;


St. Joseph's Industrial School for Boys, Passage West, Co. Cork 1945 - 1949

St. Joseph's Industrial School for Senior Boys, Greenmount, Cork 1949 - 1955


If any of you have any information regarding either yourself or a fellow Survivor who spent time in the above institutions and are interested in re-connecting with former Survivors from the same institution, please feel free to contact any of our offices and we will put you in touch. Alternativly, should you wish please contact our Head office in Cork and ask to speak to Ann Marie Crean directly (Outreach Manager, Cork & Kerry Region) and she will be happy to discuss this in more detail.


Thank you in advance.

Healing Service 27/05/2012 - Waterford City

Healing Service, a joint Project by Right of Place Second Chance and the Lamh Healing Center


As advised earlier this year as part of our commitment to ensuring all Survivors have access to a spiritual Healing service throughout the Year it was decided that a non religious Service would be put on for those who did not want to attend our Annual Mass.


As such after attending the beautiful, powerful and emotional Service created in Cork by the Lamh Healing Center we agreed to bring this service down to Waterford City and allow members of our group (and indeed any person who suffered trauma in their childhood) attend a Service, that they could in their own personal way respect the memory of those who have passed away, but suffered as children.


This particular event is a Pilot Project for our organisation and we hope all who attend can take something away from it. Look forwarding to seeing some of you there.


Joe Duffy, Outreach for the Waterford & Eastern Region and a debate surrounding the Memorial for Survivors


Please click the below link to listen to our Waterford & Eastern Region Outreach Manager's, Micheál Walsh (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) contribution to the deate surrounding the establishment of the Memorial on behalf of Survivors of Institutional Abuse.

Please note the podcast can be downloaded from the below website, under the title "Memorial to Victims of Abuse"

Waterford's Deise AM, Outreach for Waterford & Eastern Region and the recent revelations surrounding Cardinal Brady.


Recently our Outreach Manager for the Waterford & Eastern Region, Micheál Walsh (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) was asked on to discuss the recent revelations surrounding Cardinal Seán Brady on the ever popular Deise AM Programme on WLR FM.


Please click on the below link to listen to the response:

Please note the talk begins on the second half of the show. Press the SECOND play button and it begins on the Third minute.

Minutes of 3 Meetings 30th April - Limerick Right of Place Second Chance

Minutes of 3 Meetings 30th April - Limerick Right of Place Second Chance


Please see below a detailed record of Three meetings which were held by the Limerick Branch of Right of Place Second Chance.


With continued success and enthusiasm we wish each of the new committee members and to thank them for their continued excellent work.


Minutes are detailed below;


Limerick Right of Place/Second Chance

Committee/Members Meeting April 30th 2012

With Alan Kavanagh – PA to Mr Michael Noonan

The Greenhills Hotel

Attendances:      Val Groarke, Martin Woodland, Mary Donovan, Gerry Millar, John Woodland, Paddy Clohessy, Denis Tydings and Alan Kavanagh Personal Assistant to Minister for Finance Michael Noonan.


Draft Statutory Redress Fund Bill – concerns & proposed

amendments by Limerick groups


A meeting was held in The Greenhills Hotel, 30th April 2012 at 2pm with Alan Kavanagh (PA to Mr Michael Noonan)


Val introduced the members of Limerick Right of Place Second Chance to Alan Kavanagh who is the Personal Assistant to Michael Noonan (Minister for Finance).


Alan listened to what our concerns were with regard to the Draft Bill and asked us as a newly formed committee to keep a paper trail as to what information through letters we send to Mr Quinn.


Alan will send all correspondence that he sends to Mr Quinn to Mary (Secretary) updating her of the progress he will be making on our behalf.


Alan proposed to:


  • Sending a letter to Mr Quinns office on our behalf requesting a meeting with our group and Mr Quinn and if Mr Quinn does get back to us and offers a meeting with officials from his department to take the opportunity.
  • He will be informing Mr Noonan of our meeting and will be voicing our concerns and proposed amendments for the Bill.



Amendments proposed by Limerick Right of Place Second Chance

  • Administration costs do not come out of the fund.
  • Children/Grandchildren to be included
  • 5 members (Survivors) and 4 (government members) that we have the overall majority.
  • Funeral/burial costs




Limerick Right of Place/Second Chance

Committee/Members Meeting April 30th 2012

With Wille O’Dea – Windmill Bar

Attendances:      Val Groarke, Martin Woodland, Mary Donovan, Gerry Millar, John Woodland, Denis Tydings, Thomas Meehan, Tom Wall, Noel Conway, Pat Chapman, Denis Crowe, Noel Dunphy, Paddy Clohessy.


Draft Statutory Redress Fund Bill – concerns & proposed





Amendments proposed by Limerick Right of Place Second Chance

  • Administration costs do not come out of the fund.
  • Children/Grandchildren to be included
  • 5 members (survivors) and 4 (government members) that we have the overall majority on the board.
  • Funeral/burial costs

A meeting was held in The Windmill Bar Hotel, 30th April 2012 at 4.30pm with Willie O’Dea.


Val introduced the members of Limerick Right of Place Second Chance to Mr O’Dea.


It was suggested by Mr Willie O’Dea to communicate with the other survivor groups out there informing them of Limerick Right of Place Committee amendments to this bill and get us all to stand together supporting these amendments.


Tom Wall suggested that a copy of the recommendations that are in the Annual Report and the changes that we want amended to be circulated to all members so that they have full knowledge as to what we are doing and what we are fighting for with regards to the Bill.


Willie O’Dea


Willie O’Dea has proposed to:


  • Write to Mr Quinn on our behalf for a meeting with his department and the committee.
  • He will speak to Minister Brendan Smith and get him to ring Val
  • He will voice our proposed amendments to the bill on the floor of the Dail when the bill gets to the house.


Willie O’Dea will send out copies of any communication he makes with regard to the proposals he will be making above to Mary so that we have a paper trail to look back on for future references.


Willie re-iterated that one of the most important amended recommendations should be for the children/grandchildren.


Any Other Business


The group suggested that we need an office in Limerick and because ROPSC is funded by the HSE and there is a building in Limerick with office space empty Mr O’Dea recommended that we get onto the HSE requesting a contact name and that he will make a call on our behalf.




Limerick Right of Place/Second Chance

Committee Meeting April 30th 2012

Attendances:      Michael Walsh (CEO ROSPC) Val Groarke (Out Reach Officer ROSPC) Martin Woodland, Tom Wall (Director), Mary Donovan (Chairperson/Secretary), Gerry Millar (Treasurer),  John Woodland (Asst. Chairperson).

Non Attendance: Francis Traynor (PR ROSPC), Paddy Clohessy (Asst. Treasurer)


Meeting of new committee for Limerick group

Draft Statutory Redress Fund Bill – Amendments to be

submitted by Limerick Group.

Update of meetings today with various Ministers


Amendments proposed by Limerick Right of Place Second Chance

  • Administration costs do not come out of the fund.
  • Children/Grandchildren to be incuded
  • 5 members (Survivors) and 4 (government members) that we have the overall majority on the board.
  • Funeral/burial costs

Director     Mr Tom Wall

Tom began by requesting to the CEO Mr Michael Walsh that while the Bill is in its first draft that he sees no problem to any amendments going through of input by survivors.  The bill is wide open at this time for amendments.  Having the bill at this draft stage is a good thing in sofaras previously we didn’t know what was being agreed or discussed at these meetings that were held in Dublin with Mr Ruairi Quinn and now that there is a Draft means that we have something to go forward with to making changes or amendments for what survivors want included in this Bill.


Tom also suggested that copy of the recommendations that are in the Annual Report and the changes that we want amended to be circulated to all members so that they have full knowledge as to what we are doing and what we are fighting for with regards to the Bill.


CEO            Michael Walsh

Michael welcomed the new committee and wished us much success and congratulated us on the work we have started since its formation last week.


Michael said that in order for ROPSC to be a strong group communication is vital and that we as a group need to be informed of any upcoming meetings whether they are in Cork or Dublin or wherever.  The opinion of the committee is that there is a lack of trust since the old ROP and that trust needs to be built up and this will happen if there is open communication between the different structure within ROPSC with Head Office, Board of Directors and the Committees.  The committee agreed strongly to this because we are the larger support survivor group.


Mary asked him about these meetings that were held in Dublin and that there should be a member of each committee attending with himself and Francis Traynor and Michael informed us that only 2 members of each survivor groups who were in Dublin were invited by Mr Ruairi Quinns office.  Mary suggested that members of different age groups should attend one meeting with Mr Quinn so they can inform him as to how they are struggling and how if this bill is passed in its present form will effect them. Michael Walsh informed the group that an invitation was extended to ROSPC to meet with Officials from Mr Quinn’s office last week.  This will be happening in the next few weeks.  Mr Walsh and Mr Traynor will be attending this meeting and we requested that Tom Wall who is Director of Limerick should also be present.


It was suggested by Mr Willie O’Dea to communicate with the other survivor groups out there informing them of Limerick Right of Place Committee amendments to this bill and get us all to stand together supporting the amendments.  When this was mentioned to Mr Walsh he informed the Committee that Mr Traynor and himself met with other survivor groups last week.  Mary requested the minutes of this meeting and was informed that ROSPC were waiting for the designated members who took these minutes to send them to ROSPC Cork.


Michael asked Mary to type up our core amendments from the Annual Report 2012 which we submitted on 27th March 2012 in Dublin and to also input the extra amendments that we have requested also and send them to ROSPC.


Any Other Business


The committee discussed how we are going to get our members who don’t attend back and Mary has requested from Val the database which he has set up so that a letter can be sent to each of them informing them of the formation of the new Committee and what our aims and objectives are for going forward.


The Committee has requested another meeting of themselves with Francis Traynors attendances at the next one in two weeks.

Next Meeting for Members Wednesday 23rd in Perys Hotel @ 7pm



Recommendations based on 2011 and our need to

Move Survivors in their journey to Empowerment of Opportunities.

Victim to survivor to empowerment.


Our goal and part of our mission statement and values is for us to recognise the importance to aid in Survivors continued journey to healing. Survivors do not want to remain as Survivors but carry on their journey to something more fulfilling and more gratifying. This

needs to be understood by all interested parties who can have an influence over their lives. We need to recognise and understand the past, but focus more on the needs of Survivors as faced now and into the future.


Special Citizen Group

We would call on the government to establish a special task group to determine and to designate Survivors as a Special Citizen Group. We would call on the government to recommend this with the following outlined advantages, which would both be symbolic in

recognising their needs into the future and show a real determination to aid them and their families’ lives. These would be as follows;


  1. 1. Nominated Contact in HSE, Regional office’s and Community Welfare Office’s to deal specifically with Survivors and their representatives. This will then alleviate the misunderstanding of Survivors and their family’s needs and ensure supports

continue for them into the future.


  1. 2. Nominated Contact in Housing and a commitment to include Survivors and their families as a Priority Group with an understanding of their housing needs.


  1. 3. To research needs and supports that Survivors require now and into the future and create a framework that allows for access to the supports that are needed. This also needs to include the statistics of the frontline support that we offer as our Outreach and direct contact with Survivor’s can help to highlight those needs.


  1. 4. Regional Forum (s) Facilitated by the Government to meet on a yearly basis. This would then include the nominated contact in the HSE Regional offices, the nominated CWO in each region and a member of the housing department in each

City / county council. The purpose of this would be to facilitate greater awareness and understanding of Survivors needs.

Inclusion of family members in future supports.

One of the few pieces of research by the National Suicide Research Foundation, noted the interaction with family members to be a key factor in ensuring Survivors do not commit suicide. It is therefore unfortunate that the Government has decided to remove family

members from access to the Trust Fund, and indeed future supports, despite the fact that the organisation that they fund can show the importance of Family members in Survivors lives. It is therefore essential that the additional supports we are calling on the government to make, include family members as from our frontline work it is clear to see the inter-generational effect Institutional abuse has had on many families in Ireland.


Inclusion of people who have haven’t yet come forward for Redress

One of the most common quotes from Survivors is They didn’t listen to me for 30-40 years and told me I was a liar, why would I talk about it know. There is still a nominal number of Survivors out there who have not yet got access to the RIRB for many reasons and it is both inequitable and unreasonable to accept that they can now be forgotten. The issue surrounding Institutional abuse took a long time to be truly understood, it would therefore be important that any Survivor who still has to come forward is afforded the opportunity to do so. To truly understand the history of Survivors, the need to allow Survivors to come forward when they feel it is necessary is crucial. Additionally to this when one looks at the numbers and percentage of those who have come forward as a late redress application it is clear to see the small numbers we are discussing. For instance there has only been 24 out of our 5,393 contacts have been assistance in coming forward to go to the Residential Institutions Redress Board (Late Applications). In other words, only 0.5%, therefore dispelling the fear that the supports would be stretched too thin.


Trust fund is to be supplemented on a continued basis

As the additional contribution (€110 million) by the 18 Religious congregations, is to be used as a Statutory Trust fund to aid in Survivors lives it is important that this is not the end of the supports that are needed into the future. If the Fund is used as effectively as it can be, there is no guarantee that it will outlive every Survivor and we call on the Government to make sure that every Survivor has access to it for as long as they are alive. To this we would then call on the Government to supplement the Trust fund on a continued and yearly basis to make sure it does not become an ending. We see the Trust fund as a beginning of a new era in the advancement of Survivors lives and not an ending.


Establishment of a national day of remembrance

There is still no recognition to Survivors in this country despite the role that our elected representatives had in the challenges and pain many children in this country suffered. We commemorate many international events of denial of human rights and yet we still do not recognise or commemorate our own tragedy.  We would therefore call on the government to nominate a day in our calendar year which is used to commemorate deceased Survivors of Institutional abuse and make sure we are recognising the pain and suffering of Survivors. It would also ensure that it lifts the stigma that was attached to Institutional abuse and be a symbolic remembrance of our national understanding.



The proposed recommendations that Limerick Right of Place Second Chance want added to the Statutory Redress Fund Bill are:

  • Funeral/burial expenses
  • That 5 members of survivor members be on the board and 4 Government Members
  • Children/Grandchildren
  • Cost of Administration does not come out of this Fund since it was the State that created this situation.
  • Health recommendations are already in place for our members.





IMPORTANT - New Info Regarding Trust Fund


Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Bill 2012 as initiated and Explanatory Memorandum


Bill entitled an Act to provide for the establishment of a body to support the needs of former residents to be known as Bord an Chiste Reachtúil Foras Cónaithe or in the English language, the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board, and to define its functions; to provide for the making of contributions by certain persons; to amend the Residential Institutions Redress Act 2002; to amend the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (Amendment) Act 2005; and to provide for related matters


We were this morning advised that the First Draft of the Trust Fund, or as it is officially to be known "Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Bill".

Please view the information as contained within it as it is the first time that some concrete details of the ways in which it hopes to Support Survivors can be seen. Right of Place Second Chance will be issuing a Press Release on the contents, so please feel free to comment and ask any questions that you have.

It is imperative that questions are asked and correct answers are got. Please feel free to ask any questions and we will answer them for you, or find out the answers for you.

Please click here to view the Bill (PDF)

(Updated) Right of Place Second Chance Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012


*Please Scroll down to the Bottom of the page to view a copy of the Report

On the 27th March 2012, Right of Place took the unprecedented step amongst Survivor Groups in launching an Annual Report.


Their was many facets as to why the Report was launched and probably the most important of them was our recommendations section where we have called on the Government to offer further supports for Survivors and their families into the future.


We looked at what the major concerns were from our 5,393 contacts over the last year to formulate these recommendations that would in some shape aid in the advancement of Survivors lives. Indeed this is our continued aim, as the Report was entitled;

"Moving on, From Victim to Survivor, to Empowerment and Opportunity"


We hope you enjoy looking through the Annual Report and to re-iterate this will be an Annual Event in our constant quest to advance Survivors lives, additionally to offering a platform for Survivors to see the work being carried out and the important role we play in Survivors lives.


Annual Report

Annual Report



Annual Report 2012


Annual Report Cover


Please Click Here to view the copy of our Annual Report.


Annual Report - Click Here

Interview for RTE Television - Right of Place Second Chance

RTE Television

Additionally to the below information (in our News Section) at the launch of our annual Report was a representative of RTE News.

Below is the Link, where our Annual Report Launch was documented and an interview held with both our National Chairperson - Mr. Michael Walsh and National Co-Ordinator - Mr. Francis Treanor. This was seen on the 27th March 2012 on RTE Television - News

Please click here to view the News Report

President Michael D. Higgins Meets with Right of Place Second Chance in Áras an Uachtaráin

President Higgins and Right of Place Second Chance 27th March


It what was a fantastic day overall, with the launch of our Annual Report we were asked by President Higgins to a special function in honour of the work that Right of Place have done over the last year.


It was a vindication from President Higgins and his staff and again re-iterated his profound understanding of the marginalized within our society. The Fact that president Higgins, took the time to meet with every individual present, shake their hand and have a word with each meant so much to so many.


President Higgins re-iterated to all present his deepest thanks and respect for the work that Right of Place is doing in aid of Survivors over the last year and urged us to continue the work that we are doing, despite the obsticales we may face along our journey.


He also spoke, in some detail, of how he would speak directly with Taoiseach Kenny to again re-iterate his understanding of Survivors, with the help of our Report.


To President Higgins from all present, and from all those who have helped make Right of Place Second Chance successful over the last 12 months - we thank you sincerely.


* A collection of photos from the day is currently been made and processed into a slide show, so anybody who was in attendance and had a picture taken will be able to view them also. Or send them onto us and we can add them here if you like.


President Higgins with Annual Report


President Higgins meets our Supporters

President Higgins

President Higgins

RTE News - Right of Place calls on the Government to publish details on the Trust Fund

Right of Place calls on the Government to publish details on the Trust Fund


As part of the Launch of our Annual Report the following was also reported on RTE News.


Please click the below link for additional details.

RTE Radio News at 1 - 27th March 2012


News At One: Calls to publish plans for abuse trust fund - Right of Place Second Chance's Frances Traynor


After the Launch of our Annual Report 2012, Mr. Francis Treanor, on behalf of Right of Place Second Chance was asked to speak on RTE Radio News at 1.


Please click the below link to listen to our thoughts, on our Annual Report