IMPORTANT - New Info Regarding Trust Fund


Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Bill 2012 as initiated and Explanatory Memorandum


Bill entitled an Act to provide for the establishment of a body to support the needs of former residents to be known as Bord an Chiste Reachtúil Foras Cónaithe or in the English language, the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Board, and to define its functions; to provide for the making of contributions by certain persons; to amend the Residential Institutions Redress Act 2002; to amend the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (Amendment) Act 2005; and to provide for related matters


We were this morning advised that the First Draft of the Trust Fund, or as it is officially to be known "Residential Institutions Statutory Fund Bill".

Please view the information as contained within it as it is the first time that some concrete details of the ways in which it hopes to Support Survivors can be seen. Right of Place Second Chance will be issuing a Press Release on the contents, so please feel free to comment and ask any questions that you have.

It is imperative that questions are asked and correct answers are got. Please feel free to ask any questions and we will answer them for you, or find out the answers for you.

Please click here to view the Bill (PDF)

(Updated) Right of Place Second Chance Annual Report 2012

Annual Report 2012


*Please Scroll down to the Bottom of the page to view a copy of the Report

On the 27th March 2012, Right of Place took the unprecedented step amongst Survivor Groups in launching an Annual Report.


Their was many facets as to why the Report was launched and probably the most important of them was our recommendations section where we have called on the Government to offer further supports for Survivors and their families into the future.


We looked at what the major concerns were from our 5,393 contacts over the last year to formulate these recommendations that would in some shape aid in the advancement of Survivors lives. Indeed this is our continued aim, as the Report was entitled;

"Moving on, From Victim to Survivor, to Empowerment and Opportunity"


We hope you enjoy looking through the Annual Report and to re-iterate this will be an Annual Event in our constant quest to advance Survivors lives, additionally to offering a platform for Survivors to see the work being carried out and the important role we play in Survivors lives.


Annual Report

Annual Report



Annual Report 2012


Annual Report Cover


Please Click Here to view the copy of our Annual Report.


Annual Report - Click Here

Interview for RTE Television - Right of Place Second Chance

RTE Television

Additionally to the below information (in our News Section) at the launch of our annual Report was a representative of RTE News.

Below is the Link, where our Annual Report Launch was documented and an interview held with both our National Chairperson - Mr. Michael Walsh and National Co-Ordinator - Mr. Francis Treanor. This was seen on the 27th March 2012 on RTE Television - News

Please click here to view the News Report

President Michael D. Higgins Meets with Right of Place Second Chance in Áras an Uachtaráin

President Higgins and Right of Place Second Chance 27th March


It what was a fantastic day overall, with the launch of our Annual Report we were asked by President Higgins to a special function in honour of the work that Right of Place have done over the last year.


It was a vindication from President Higgins and his staff and again re-iterated his profound understanding of the marginalized within our society. The Fact that president Higgins, took the time to meet with every individual present, shake their hand and have a word with each meant so much to so many.


President Higgins re-iterated to all present his deepest thanks and respect for the work that Right of Place is doing in aid of Survivors over the last year and urged us to continue the work that we are doing, despite the obsticales we may face along our journey.


He also spoke, in some detail, of how he would speak directly with Taoiseach Kenny to again re-iterate his understanding of Survivors, with the help of our Report.


To President Higgins from all present, and from all those who have helped make Right of Place Second Chance successful over the last 12 months - we thank you sincerely.


* A collection of photos from the day is currently been made and processed into a slide show, so anybody who was in attendance and had a picture taken will be able to view them also. Or send them onto us and we can add them here if you like.


President Higgins with Annual Report


President Higgins meets our Supporters

President Higgins

President Higgins

RTE News - Right of Place calls on the Government to publish details on the Trust Fund

Right of Place calls on the Government to publish details on the Trust Fund


As part of the Launch of our Annual Report the following was also reported on RTE News.


Please click the below link for additional details.

RTE Radio News at 1 - 27th March 2012


News At One: Calls to publish plans for abuse trust fund - Right of Place Second Chance's Frances Traynor


After the Launch of our Annual Report 2012, Mr. Francis Treanor, on behalf of Right of Place Second Chance was asked to speak on RTE Radio News at 1.


Please click the below link to listen to our thoughts, on our Annual Report

Outcome of Annual Mass

Annual Mass


On the 10th of March in Waterford City the Right of Place Second Chance Annual Mass was held in St. John's Church and a social gathering of Survivors was held afterwards in the Farroshanine Community Building.


First and foremost we would like to thank all those that attended and in particular those that attended from all over the country, indeed one family travelled literally the length of the country and brought their daughter along with them. Their enjoyment was evident and their comments agreed with this.


The Mass itself was a very powerful one and all in attendance commented on this. One Survivor in attendance stated "I never go to mass, except Marriage and Funeral's, but that was uplifting". There was roughly 100 in attendance at the Mass.


Bishop William lee, took a number of minutes out of the Mass to offer his deepest regret and apologies regarding the Abuse that occured to Survivors. It was a moving and genuine speech, to which a rousing round of applause was afforded by all those Survivors in attendance.


Annual MassAnnual Mass


Possibly the best part of the day was reserved for the Social gathering afterwards. There was fantastic food provided for all in attendance, courtesy of Mary Grimes Catering Company and Bishop Lee spent the time going around and speaking to each individual Survivor and family member. It became a rocky start when the band that were meant to be there, failed to show up however Liam "The Bock" Maher rescued the day when he came armed with his guitar. It was also surprising to see our very own chairperson bring in his guitar and entertain those present with an array of ballads and folk songs.

Chairperson Singing

Social Gathering


It was so inspirational and heart warming to see each Survivor, join in the sing song and many played different instruments, and offered their voices to sing along. It was wonderful to see Survivors encouraging each other and showcasing their talents after what was a tremendous day for many. As One Survivor put it to me at the end of the day "That was absolutely fantastic, thank you to everybody involved and we should have this once a month. Thanks for an unforgettable day and an opportunity to be around friends"


Social Gathering


People are already talking about next year, and the further events that we have planned for this year.... A fantastic Day and a triumph for Survivors and their families.

*Please note unless prior permission is given, we believe in maintaining the confidentiality of our members and Survivors and that is the explanation for some of the faces being "blurred"

St. Patricks Day Holidays

Saint Patricks Holidays


Please kindly note that the Right of Place Second Chance offices are closed and will re-open on Tuesday the 20th of March.

You can however ring any of the offices as a dedicated and confidential voicemail service has been set up so that our officers can call you back immediatly upon their Return.


On behalf of all the staff at Right of Place Second Chance we wish all Survivors and their families a wonderful weekend.

Newsletter - Spring Edition 2012

Our Most recent Newsletter


Right of Place Second Chance has recently re-established our Newsletter as part of our ongoing commitment to Providing Survivors with the most correct and up to date information relating to issues that effect them.


Please click on the links below to view our 2012 Spring addition and if you would like to receive a copy every quarter and you are not already please contact any of our offices and we can arrange this with you.


For pages 1 & 4 click here - (PDF)


For pages 2 & 3 click here - (PDF)


Any questions regarding the information please feel free to contact any of our offices.

Annual Mass 10th March 2012

Annual Mass and Social Gathering in Waterford City


Due to the request by our members over the last number of months we have decided to re-launch our annual mass in commemoration of Deceased Survivors of Institutional Abuse.

All our membership has been informed through our newsletter that was published last week.

It is a great joy to facilitate this mass as an opportunity to those who have held onto their faith to pray and mourn the death of Survivors in their own personal way. There is many people looking forward to this mass and there is also a social gathering after the Mass.

Right of Place has been fortunate to have the use of a complete community building for the day and this will also help to facilitate those whom would like to bring their family members along to the Mass which will be offered by Bishop Lee, as pool tables and "Chill out" rooms will be available afterwards.

The afters will be held in the Farroshanine Community building, Williamstown, Waterford City and there will be free buses available to take those from the Mass to the building for those who do not have access to attend.

In this social gathering, there will be free food provided, dancing, free music entertainment and indeed a number of Survivors have offered their voices so it should prove to be a memorable time for all those that attend.

We also hope to have into the future a spiritual and non religious commemoration for those who have lost their faith but would still like the opportunity to mourn the passing of their friends / family and you will be updated closer to the date.

Finally Depending on Demand there will be free transport provided from Cork City, Limerick, Galway, Kerry and Clonmel should Survivors want to attend but not be able to travel themselves. Anybody wishing to access this free transport please contact any of your local offices before Saturday 10th March to reserve your spot.


Annual mass

Recent Radio Interview on Deise AM

Recent Radio Interview

The Outreach Manager for the Waterford and Eastern Region was recently asked onto the ever popular Deise AM Programme with Mr. Billy McCarthy to give a brief talk in relation to Housing issues, that Survivors and vulnerable citizens of Ireland currently face.

Whilst it was a short talk we do feel that any thing that can be done to heighten awareness of some of the issues vulnerable Survivors face every day then it will always be a worthwile experience.

This is the beginning of addressing some of the many issues Survivors are faced with and we hope will feed into and indeed lead up to the launch of our Annual Report. This Annual Report is as much about showing the work that is being undertaken in our regional offices, showing our financial accounts for 2011 but most importantly will give a platform on a national scale to heighten some of the issues Survivors are faced with every day based on the work being done by our staff in Right of Place Second Chance.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many Survivors who sent texts and calls I received regarding the short interview, they were much appreciated.

Please click on the below link - The short talk begins on the second half of Thursday 1st March Show and begins at minute 22.20


Website Changes and Updates


Important Notice


Please note that from the date of this News Article for the next 24-48 hours our website will be going through changes and updates.


We hope to do this to improve the user experience and add and remove items as per requests and suggestions by users of the website.


We apologise in advance in this causes any disruption, however it is unavoidable in our constant need to provide the best of service to Survivors and their family members.

Request for Photographs


A Survivor from the UK recently contacted our offices with request for photographs, the details of which photographs can be viewed below:


  • St Vincents Industrial School, Drogeda, first communion 1941-1946


  • St Patricks Industrial School, Kilkenny, Any Photos 1932-1945


  • St. Jospehs Industrial School, Kilkenny, Any Photos 1932-1945


  • St. Patricks Industrial School, Upton, Cork, first communion and confirmation or any photos 1934-1952


If you have any pictures of the above this Survivor would be more then grateful to receive a copy of them. If you can supply details or information please contact Outreach Co-Ordinator, Ann Marie Crean on 1890 200 709.

Thank you in advance

Video with Chairman - Annual Report 2012 - Have your Say


As part of our commitment this year to build on the work done over the course of 2011 there is a short video from Mr. Michael Walsh regarding our upcoming annual report.


The annual report is highly anticipated by our members and we hope to release more details regarding its publication as soon as they become available. The report is essential to us to cement the New Right of Place and our change into professionalism. It is our intention that as we build, through trust, respect and active work with Survivors we can become a voice for Survivors going forward.


It is imperative that we continue to build on the actual work being done by highlighting this and ensuring that future decisions which are taken that effect Survivors are not done so without their say.


The main purpose of the below video is to give Survivors a quick overview of what can be expected to be included in the Annual General report, to re-iterate the benefits of it's publication and to continue to strengthen the link between the organisation and the very people it assists and supports. This will be the first of continuous video and text updates over the coming months from the chairman and the companies staff. It is another avenue being developed to allow for Survivors to receive information.


Please feel free to view and comment below to have your question / comment answered and listened to directly by our chairman.


Our apologies in advance regarding the quality of the recording and the small amount of background noise within the video.


Questions and Answers Session


Dear Survivor / family member and Supporter

My reason for typing this particular news item is as a result of our commitment to honesty and transparency. Our commitment to ensure that this organisation works for you and your family both now and into the future. This will form part of a wider commitment to allowing Survivors gain the correct information and indeed allow suggestions come from people who may want to air their ideas or ask any question that we can practically answer.

We find that often the best ideas are from suggestions that are offered from Survivors but not everybody is comfortable asking the questions, so hopefully this will give you an avenue of anonymity that will allow any person ask questions and offer suggestions that drive the organisation forward.

I sincerely hope that any questions you have are asked because every question that allows Survivors receive answers is crucial. Additionally any question that is asked in our office will be added to this section also for everybody to see the answers.

Looking forward to your questions and I will hope to have this option open once a month or once every two months.