Radio Show with in Los Angeles, USA

Please click on to listen to a radio station hosting a show regarding Right Of Place and Institutional abuse.


It is our intention to continue to hilight many of the issues Survivors are faced with.

Radio interview will be held at 4.30 PST (12.30 am GMT)

2011 AGM Report

Click here to download the Right Of Place 2011 AGM Report

Click here to download the Right Of Place 2011 AGM Report (PDF - 931 KB).

Seeking Your Views (Update)



Further to our initial discussion regarding the below information Mrs. Niamh Moriarty (researcher) will be in Cork City this coming Friday on the 11th of November.


Niamh will be speaking to a number of individuals regarding the below information and if you would like to discuss or talk to Niamh plese feel free to contact her.


Please also note that any participant will be compensated for their travel expenses.


We would, again, like to re-iterate our best wishes to Niamh in her endeavour at investigating the effects participating in the Commission to Inquire into child Abuse. Anything that further helps to highlight

Survivors views is always appreciated.


Any one interested can contact Niamh on any of the numbers below, or call their local office for further information.


Thaanks in advance.


Best of Luck with your work Niamh and any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us back.

Art Classes For Survivors

Are you interested in Art?

Are you interested in meeting fellow Survivors?

Are you interested in having fun?


If you say YES to any of the above information then we may have just the thing for you....

Pat Sheehan who works closely with Right Of Place Second Chance on behalf of the VEC has developed in conjunction with Right Of Place an Art Class for Survivors.

It will be run by Marie in St. Johns College every Wednesday.

For any body looking for additional information please feel free to contact Pat Sheehan on 086 086 2978 or call one of your local offices.


Remember you do not have to be an expert to partake !!

Recent Newspaper Article - Waterford News and Star



Please see below a recent interview that was undertaken in Right Of Place Second Chance offices in Waterford City.


The below information helps to highlight the work being done by our offices and also helps to raise awareness of issues that are pertinent to Survivors.


We hope information like this, our recent Radio interview and the positive uptake from members of the public will continue so as to ensure Survivors Rights and Entitlements are advanced. Thanks to Mary Ellen Breen for the report.








Attention Former Residents of Baltimore Fisheries Schol

A Previous Resident of Baltimore Fisheries School is interested in organizing a reunion of sorts for any ex - residents of Baltimore Fisheries School.

The person who is organising the event is Gerrard and he can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you have difficulty with the e-mail address, please call the Waterford office on 051 - 309364 and we will be happy to give you Gerrard's personal number to contact him on.

Thanks in advance.

Life Stories


Please be advised to keep an eye on our Life Stories section.

It will continue to be updated into the future from real life stories from Survivors who we have helped and assisted. We refrain where possible from asking a Survivor or family member to do this, however many want us to publish them onto our website and as a result we are in the process of establishing and developing this.

So keep an eye on the Life Stories section, there may be some inspirational stories in there that can highlight the many talents that Survivors have and how with a little support their lives can be advanced.

Thank you.

Recent Radio Interview


Recently, our Outreach Manager for the Waterford / Eastern Region was asked to appear on the ever popular Deisé AM Programme with Mr. Billy McCarthy.

On this show Micheál Walsh was asked to speak about Right Of Place Second Chance directly and also the types of services that were provided in the regional office.

We would like to thank all those who phoned the office offering their congratulations and understanding and would like to stress to all our supporters that the good work we are doing will continue.

Please click here to listen (Begins on First Part on 27 minutes (lasting roughly 10 minutes))

Please also listen to the end of the second section for some of the nice comments left by Survivors, who text and rang the station.

Link can be listened to here:


Annual Report - Exciting News

The New Board of Right of Place Second Chance is committed to ensuring honesty and transparency and equally to advancing the lives of Survivors, through their imput.

As a result of this Right Of Place Second Chance have begun the process of establishing our annual report, which will be given for public consumption. We believe that through this we can both show the good work that each of our Regional centres are doing and also advocate the cause of Survivors.

In the report we will show exactly the work that is being done, what our funding is being used for and we will also use it as an opportunity to voice the concern of many Survivors by our recommendations and observations based on the actual work being done. We hope to use this as an avenue to highlight the many concerns Survivors have with the Trust fund, to highlight the additional concerns that Survivors need support in and to ensure that Survivors are recognised as a Unique citizen group. We hope to highlight the devastating effect that Institutional Child abuse has had on many families and the often difficult nature many have with basic supports.

We look forward to announcing the details of this in the very near future and we hope this can be the beginning of ensuring a greater understanding of Survivors needs.

Keep an eye on this website and national media over the coming weeks for more information!

Response to Irish Examiner Article

There was a recent article published in the Irish examiner by journalist, Jennifer Hough regarding Right Of Place Second Chance.

Once this article was published, the organisation responded to this article with an invitation for this particular journalist to come into our offices. Unfortunatly, the Irish Examiner failed to respond to our reply, nor did they publish our response in their paper.

As a result we would like to publish our response below;


Dear Editor,

We would invite your reporter Ms. Jennifer Hough to meet with a representative of  our group Right of Place Second Chance. This would give her and the organisation an opportunity to correct, what are inaccuracies' in the recent article published on the 6th October 2011. The overriding impression given is one of money (funding) and where this money was spent. The amount which this organisation is currently receiving is inadequate for the great work being done by its outreach officers and administration staff. 

For example, her recent article (6th October 2011) states that "survivors of institutional abuse spent over €80,000 on travel and subsistence and over €30,000 on office administration over two years."

This article is not reflective of the time given by volunteer members, the outreach staff,  who visit survivors in their place of residence, and work on an ongoing basis to support them. My first reaction was "is she implying that the organisation should receive no travel or subsistence, because they are a survivor group"?

My second question is how does this figure compare with other’s who carry out similar work in the public service.  Indeed, how does it compare with, let's say, Cork, Waterford or Kerry politicians over a two year period. Some of our staff are part time and others full time receiving a few Euro above the minimum rate of pay and all are paid below the average industrial wage.

I could go through other points which Jennifer makes, but I'm sure space in the letters page would not facilitate this, so I would like to invite Jennifer up to  visit our offices and ask any questions she likes, and would appreciate that we would be afforded a right of reply. This is an open invitation and we hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Michael Walsh

Chairman ROPSC

Poems by Dermot Cooke & Jack Dooley (Survivors)

The following is a number of Poems from a Survivor who has kindly agreed to place them on our website.

They are the sole and exclusive property of Mr. Cooke and you must seek the authors permission if you would like to use and or publish them.


Believe in Yourself - in the power you have to control your own life,

day by day,

Believe in the Strength that you have deep inside,

and your faith will help show you the way,

Believe in Tomorrow and what it will bring,

let a hopeful heart carry you through,

For things will work out if you trust and believe -

There's no limit to what you can do!



Love can be Compared to a rose,

A rose Blossoms and Blooms

When nourished by the heat of

the sun, rain, air and the soil.

Likewise a human being who

receives a gentle touch, a

warm smile and a softly spoken tender "I love you" will, just

like the rose, Blossom and bloom Feeling

Warm, Wanted, Cherished and



The Above poems are Mr. Dermot Cooke's. Dermot also supplied us with several additional poems that we will add at a later date.

I would like to commend Dermot for his talent, and may he continue to produce works such as the above. It continues to amaze me the talent that Survivors have that have often been overlooked for more sensational Headlines. It is about time we appreciate the excellent talents of Survivors and cherish their Abilitys.

As I said to Jack Dermot, I hope the above inspires more to write into us with their works as we hope in the near future to develop an exhibition of Survivors works and begin to focus on you and many like you you have such wonderful talents.

I hope we all agree.

Thank you.


The monastery walls by Jack Dooley

If those walls could only speak
Of little lives which were to bleak
Days that mingled into years
Also washed with many tears


Wolves within these walls did prey
While little boys could only pray
A life sentence we did live
We had nothing else to give


Childhood gone, we lingered on
No dreams could we depend upon
Still the memories won’t let go
Of suffering years long, long ago


Those walls so stark and bold
Gone to history we are told
Years go by, we grew old
Their memory of, still leave us cold

Jack Dooley



Reunion of Former Residents Of St. Josephs, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Reunion of Former Residents Of St. Josephs, Tralee, Co. Kerry


This reunion is to take place on October the 8th in the Imperial Hotel, Tralee.

For additional Details please feel free to contact Joey Bourke on 087 - 9822985.

Let The Healing Begin


Let The Healing Begin



The Following is a note from Dave Dineen, Chariman of the Lamh Healing Centre:

"A healing evening will be held on Sunday 16th of October 2011 at 3pm in the Sma hall wiltion.

The title of the event is called “Let the Healing Begin” see poster above.
It is expected to last one and quarter hours.

There will be tea and coffee afterwards.
We are eager to make this event inclusive"


I hope all that have an interest in attending do, we wish Dave and all those participating the very best Success.

(Updated) Minutes of Meeting with Minister Quinn

Minutes of the Meeting with Minister Mr. Quinn.

Please click here in order to view to minutes of Meeting held with Minsiter Quinn and the goups representing Survivors.

Please feel free to comment as you wish.

Any person who has difficulty viewing, please send an e-mail through our contact age to any office and we will be happy to send you on a hard copy. For those of you who have access to a computer please feel free to click here.

Seeking Your Views


A wonderfully talented Student at the University of East London has linked in with Right Of Place as she is undertaking a Doctorate in Counselling Pshychology and would like your views. The Below poster explains a great deal, but if you in anyway would like to participate and help out but are unsure please feel free to ring the number on the poster or contact your local branch for more information.

We hope that as many as possible participate as any one who can help to highlight the difficulties Survivors faced while going through the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse is most welcome - as this is still a story not fully told or appreciated. Perhaps your help in aiding Niamh to Analyse this will shed further light onto how Survivors really feel.

My thanks in advance.


Best of Luck with your work Niamh and any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us back.